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2021-04-23 07:30:58| Fast Company

Psychotherapist Farah Harris says for Black people and other racially marginalized individuals, racism is the allergen, and it is always allergy season. Have you ever had a moment where you had difficulty breathing? It’s not a comfortable feeling. I don’t have asthma, but I have a son whose asthma is triggered by allergens. Asthma makes breathing laborious. It causes pain in your chest and can trigger anxiety, and you can’t function at your full capacity. You have to rest and be given extra oxygen, the very thing everyone else has, yet something is blocking you from having the ability to get it.Read Full Story

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2021-04-23 07:30:02| Fast Company

If you’ve struggled to work from home for this past year, now is the time to start settling into it, so you can feel good and productive in your new work environment.  The “next normal” is officially setting in, especially when it comes to remote work. Simform’s 2021 Remote Work Survey found that 82% of surveyed companies plan to allow their employees to work from home indefinitely and 77% want to make this a permanent solution. Read Full Story

Category: E-Commerce

2021-04-22 19:25:02| E-Commerce Times

From coin shortages and curbside operations to contactless transactions, how consumers pay for their purchases has been completely transformed during the pandemic. Marketers expect that transformation to continue and expand. It is not just family staples that are seeing a jump in consumer digital payment options. The retail and gaming sectors are also leading the digital charge.
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Category: E-Commerce

2021-04-22 18:30:26| Fast Company

During a Senate hearing this week, lawmakers and app developers leveled some weighty criticisms against Apple for the way it runs the App Store. Apple and Google testified in front of the Senate Judiciary’s Antitrust Subcommittee Wednesday, and it’s fair to say the committee members came with their A-game and that Apple walked away the biggest loser.Read Full Story

Category: E-Commerce

2021-04-22 18:00:32| Fast Company

CEO Sasan Goordarzi and the company’s first director of racial equity, La Toya Haynes, discuss initiatives to increase diversity and inclusion. In August of last year, technology company Intuit appointed its first racial equity director, La Toya Haynes. The move was part of a larger effort to more closely examine equity within the company’s own walls, following last summer’s protests against police brutality and racism.Read Full Story

Category: E-Commerce

2021-04-22 16:42:44| Fast Company

Popular ideas include a ‘terror’ of black holes and a ‘silence’ of black holes. Earlier this year, astronomers went hunting for a supermassive black hole somewhere by the constellation Ara, nearly 8,000 light-years from Earth. But instead of one mega black hole, they made a startling discovery: a congregation of many mini black holes, maybe 40 or 50 of them, orbiting frenetically within the dense core of a globular star cluster.Read Full Story

Category: E-Commerce

2021-04-22 13:34:59| Fast Company

For people looking to change their planet-damaging habits, Earth Day is a great time to start. More than 1 billion people mark April 22 as a day of action. This year’s Earth Day celebration is special because residents of the planet have seen firsthand what a difference a change in their actions can make.Read Full Story

Category: E-Commerce

2021-04-22 12:50:42| Fast Company

U.S. Postal Service documents describe a “covert operations program” targeting far-right protest groups. A new report says the U.S. Postal Service has run a secret surveillance program targeting protestors on social media, and its reasons have no apparent connection to delivering the mail.Read Full Story

Category: E-Commerce

2021-04-22 12:10:50| Fast Company

The power of the one-on-one check-in lies in its personalized format. This past year has tested companies, their senior management, and team leaders in ways that seemed unimaginable before. We’re in the middle of a once-in-century global health event while also working toward long-overdue changes in racial and social justice. As team leaders, we are navigating new territory without a clear map, trying to guide our teams under new environments and evolving rules, often without any in-person interaction.Read Full Story

Category: E-Commerce

2021-04-22 12:00:48| Fast Company

The Land and Water Conservation Fund, established in 1964, has helped conserve land from segments of the Appalachian Trail to neighborhood parks. If you’ve ever set foot on the Appalachian Trail, visited a national park like Joshua Tree, or even taken advantage of a neighborhood park in your home town, you’ve probably reaped the benefits of the Land and Water Conservation Fund. Established in 1964 by Congress to conserve land and provide outdoor recreational spaces, the program has funded hundreds of thousands of projects. Now, there’s an interactive map that lets you explore where they all are.Read Full Story

Category: E-Commerce

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