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2019-08-19 13:17:21| Fast Company

They are selling avocado toast salad. As Lao Tzu once said, “Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them; that only creates sorrow.” Keep that in mind as we tell you that all 1,800-plus Target locations across the country will start stocking a brand new grocery line beginning next month.Read Full Story

Category: E-Commerce

2019-08-19 13:00:41| Fast Company

The $6 million bridge is designed to expand and contract in extreme temperatures. Cornwall, a coastal county in England known for its rugged moorland and beachfront vistas, is home to several historic structures. One such building, which dominates the county’s northern landscape, is Tintagel Castle—a legendary medieval fortification that has long enjoyed associations with King Arthur. In the 19th century, the castle became a tourist destination, albeit a risky one. The ruins, which are maintained by English Heritage, the U.K. charity designed to care for the country’s castles, are notoriously difficult to navigate. In fact, “Tintagel” means “fortress of the narrow entrance” in Cornish. Over the centuries, visitors have had to climb 148 perilously steep steps to access the grounds . . . until now. A new footbridge, the design of which sparked a polarizing debate in the U.K. when it was announced in 2016, has finally opened.Read Full Story

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2019-08-19 13:00:29| Fast Company

Even financial experts can fall prey to bad advice. The internet has given us many things of import—namely, memes. It has also given rise to a proliferation of financial advice from all sorts of folks: those who want to retire early, personal finance buffs who’ve learned from their financial missteps, and a bevy of advisers—robo and human—that dispense personalized guidance. Then there’s all the advice disseminated through more traditional channels, from parents and well-intentioned friends and family.Read Full Story

Category: E-Commerce

2019-08-19 12:00:44| Fast Company

It’s not just a garden—it’s a work of art. Growing your own food is one of life’s great pleasures—plus it’s good for you and for the environment. But in increasingly tight, urban homes, we don’t all have room for gardens. And hydroponic systems, as appealing as they may be, often appear to be a whole lot of hardware for only a bit of actual green. Some fresh arugula would be nice for dinner, but who wants giant plastic box taking up half their kitchen to get a few leaves?Read Full Story

Category: E-Commerce

2019-08-19 12:00:23| Fast Company

Four surefire factors that determine whether you really are well-liked (and doing a good job) vs. just thinking that you are. In an ideal world, people would get promoted and advance their careers based on their actual job performance and what they contribute to their organization. In the real world, however, most people move up in their careers–or don’t–based on more arbitrary reasons, namely whether their boss likes them or not. This is why so many academic studies have highlighted political skills and likability as predictors of individuals’ career success and why many leaders get to where they are by managing up rather than down.Read Full Story

Category: E-Commerce

2019-08-19 11:09:08| Fast Company

This may be the first daily true-crime podcast. Here’s a little good news, bad news: The good news is that Parcast at Spotify is launching a new daily true-crime podcast today; the bad news is that we live in a world where there is so much true crime, such a thing is possible.Read Full Story

Category: E-Commerce

2019-08-19 11:00:57| Fast Company

There are many reasons we stay in jobs longer than we should—and reasons why it often takes a tragedy to consider changing things up. But there’s a way to avoid this. Chances are, you know several people who hate their jobs. In fact, you might be one of those people. And, while it’s possible that some people have always disliked their jobs, it is likely that the opportunity seemed more appealing at the start. It came along with regular hours and a steady paycheck, new responsibilities, and perhaps even some exciting opportunities for growth.Read Full Story

Category: E-Commerce

2019-08-19 11:00:35| Fast Company

The creative tools kingpin’s researchers get to dream big—but they’re responsible for ensuring that tools like Photoshop never feel like yesterday’s news. San Francisco’s Moscone West convention center has hosted its share of giant developer conferences over the years, from Apple’s WWDC to Google I/O to Microsoft Build. Adobe’s Tech Summit has a similar look and feel, with a splashy keynote, a profusion of demos all around the building, and lavish spreads of food for attendees. But this particular developer conference has one key difference: The developers in question are all Adobe employees.Read Full Story

Category: E-Commerce

2019-08-19 11:00:02| Fast Company

Leave it to graphic design legend Massimo Vignelli to come up with a clever system that saved the government money—and is still in use today. Today, the national parks are represented in our visual culture primarily through photographs posted on social media. But long before people posted selfies in Yellowstone, designers were depicting the glories of the nature reserves through maps and brochures that aimed to woo travelers and convince them to visit the American outdoors.Read Full Story

Category: E-Commerce

2019-08-19 10:45:07| Fast Company

In a monumental step toward setting broader standards for corporate leadership, the lobbying group Business Roundtable is endorsing stakeholder capitalism. Is it achievable? For the past two decades, the official stance of America’s top corporate executives has been that the interests of shareholders came before the interests of all others—workers, consumers, the cities and towns in which their companies operated, and society as a whole.Read Full Story

Category: E-Commerce

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