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Marketing and Advertising

2019-02-17 09:56:00| Engadget

It's not a novel idea to make criminals wear GPS bracelets, but they could soon be relatively commonplace in the UK. The country's government plans to use them for around-the-clock monitoring of criminals across England and Wales by the summer, with...

Category: Marketing and Advertising

2019-02-17 05:58:00| Engadget

Multiple companies have ideas as to how they'll develop folding smartphones. TCL, however, isn't content to settle on one -- it's seemingly tackling them all. CNET has obtained images and patent filings that show TCL exploring five foldable designs...

Category: Marketing and Advertising

2019-02-17 04:34:00| Engadget

Razer is learning a hard lesson about the challenges of launching a game store. The hardware giant is closing the Razer Game Store on February 28th at 4AM Eastern as part of "realignment plans." It'll still honor pre-orders and notes that games wil...

Category: Marketing and Advertising

2019-02-17 03:01:00| Engadget

Augmented reality experiences are still in their relative infancy, but because Android runs on so many devices, it can't always assume they'll have dedicated hardware to create extra effects. While Apple is already pushing ahead with AR and packed an...

Category: Marketing and Advertising

2019-02-17 02:05:00| Engadget

LG and Sprint haven't been shy about their plans to launch a 5G smartphone in 2019. Now, though, you might be looking at the device in question. Well-known scoop provider Evan Blass has obtained an image of the V50 ThinQ, a Sprint-bound flagship with...

Category: Marketing and Advertising

2019-02-17 01:08:00| Engadget

Ask any parent of a school-aged child and they'll probably tell you nurturing toys are big now. Those are the ones where petting and feeding it are not optional activities, thanks to a series of sensors embedded under the plaything's surface. It's li...
Tags pet mutant helicopter offspring

Category: Marketing and Advertising

2019-02-16 23:57:00| Engadget

Apple has acquired PullString, the startup behind the voice technology powering the interactive "Hello Barbie" doll Mattel released in 2015. PullString, previously known as ToyTalk, was founded back in 2011 by former Pixar employees. Its AI platform...
Tags tech voice apple startup

Category: Marketing and Advertising

2019-02-16 23:15:00| Engadget

Spin Master's AirHogs brand is, like it says in the name, primarily a toy aircraft line today. Remote-controlled planes, helicopters and, of course, drones. But occasionally it will hit the ground with some cool land vehicles like race cars, tanks or...
Tags air cars racer spiderman

Category: Marketing and Advertising

2019-02-16 22:45:42| digg

As a litter of pups wolfs down a bowl of food given by a kind stranger, one furball separates from the pack to deliver a piece of a steamed bun to their mom.
Tags to something too makes

Category: Marketing and Advertising

2019-02-16 22:31:00| Engadget

Facebook's crackdown on Russia-linked accounts has usually taken down outlets with a relatively small presence, but its latest move is more substantial. The social network has suspended three Pages from Maffick Media, a viral video outlet that has r...
Tags video company pages facebook

Category: Marketing and Advertising

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