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2021-03-01 19:20:10| Fast Company

Twitter is following Facebook’s lead with a crackdown on vaccine misinformation. Twitter is taking another step to curb misinformation on its platform.Read Full Story

Category: E-Commerce

2021-03-01 18:28:08| Fast Company

The e-commerce giant is getting called out for “de-leveling.” Amazon is facing allegations of discrimination by one of its senior managers.Read Full Story

Category: E-Commerce

2021-03-01 16:30:28| Fast Company

The model Nio is using has failed to catch on in the past, but the company thinks that drivers are now ready for “battery-as-a-service.” (Also, it make the cars cheaper to buy.) If you buy an electric car from Nio, the Shanghai-based automaker often cited as the Chinese version of Tesla, you can now choose to buy it without a battery.Read Full Story

Category: E-Commerce

2021-03-01 14:00:00| CRM Buyer

There is budding optimism about the future. COVID-19 cases and deaths are in decline, financial indicators are decent and trending up, and forecasters are predicting a booming economy. This involves a lot of buying and selling at both the business-to-business and business-to-consumer ends of the spectrum. So now might be a very good time to take inventory on plant, equipment and employees through the lens of CRM.

Category: E-Commerce

2021-03-01 13:55:50| Fast Company

Ever since last month’s inauguration, Trump has made himself scarce. It took his brief return over the weekend to clarify how different things have been. A few weeks ago, The Atlantic published a piece titled, “I Miss the Thrill of Trump.”Read Full Story

Category: E-Commerce

2021-03-01 12:15:33| Fast Company

It only requires one dose and doesn’t need to be kept as cold. The first two COVID vaccines approved in the U.S. both use first-of-a-kind technology called messenger RNA. Johnson & Johnson’s new vaccine is different, and the technology it uses may have helped give it two advantages: It only requires a single dose, and it can be stored for months in a refrigerator instead of an ultra-cold freezer.Read Full Story

Category: E-Commerce

2021-03-01 11:24:38| Fast Company

Here’s an easy way to get a little piece of mind as you wait for Capitol Hill lawmakers to do their jobs. With the Senate expected to vote this week on the latest stimulus package for coronavirus relief, a new round of stimulus checks could be authorized very soon. The $1.9 trillion package, dubbed the American Rescue plan, contains a huge wish list of much-needed aid, including additional unemployment, child tax credits, housing assistance, small business grants, and more.Read Full Story

Category: E-Commerce

2021-03-01 11:05:49| Fast Company

It’s time to reimagine our work spaces as environments geared toward wellness and health—not just productivity. This winter, experts are bracing for a double whammy of pandemic-related mental health struggles.Read Full Story

Category: E-Commerce

2021-03-01 10:00:48| Fast Company

Over the last year, you’ve seen COVID-19 signs everywhere. This archive is collecting them. In 2020, nearly every person who owned a business or managed a public space suddenly became a graphic designer. Ad hoc signage directing visitors to move this wa”y, or stand here, or stay six feet apart popped up everywhere. Graphic design became more important than ever as managing the flow of people became a matter of public health, and a matter of survival.Read Full Story

Category: E-Commerce

2021-03-01 10:00:47| Fast Company

If you’re feeling frustrated by a lackluster remote-work schedule, experiment with a 5-hour or 6-hour workday. To give employees flexibility, some companies have experimented with a four-day workweek. But what if instead of shortening the workweek, they shortened the work day, giving employees back a few hours at a time? That’s a question that employers may have to consider more as a larger percentage of their employees are working from home and may be juggling other responsibilities like remote learning for their children.Read Full Story

Category: E-Commerce

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