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Tag: data

Trump Declared an Emergency Based on Data That Doesnt Exist

2019-02-15 22:12:19| Wired News: Top Stories

As he declared a national emergency Friday, President Trump repeatedly dismissed statistics and reports produced by his own government.

Tags that data based exist

Personal Data Collection: The Complete Wired Guide

2019-02-15 13:00:00| Wired News: Top Stories

Information about you, what you buy, where you go, even where you look is the oil that fuels the digital economy.

Tags data personal complete guide

Stolen user data from MyFitnessPal and other services hits the dark web

2019-02-14 17:41:00| Engadget

Stolen user information from 16 popular apps and services including Dubsmash and MyFitnessPal is now being sold on the dark web, according to a report from The Register. A seller on the dark web marketplace Dream Market has come forward offering logi...

Tags the web services user

9 Ways to Improve Health IT Interoperability and Patient Data Access

2019-02-14 15:07:24| Medical Billing Articles

“The Healthcare Leadership Council (HLC) and the Bipartisan Policy Center recently issued a report outlining nine ways the public and private sector can work together to advance health IT interoperability and improve patient data access. Many recommendations included in the report align with newly-released proposed rules from CMS and ONC intended to crack down on information blocking. The report incorporates feedback from more than 100 clinicians and healthcare leaders from hospitals, health systems, health plans, life sciences organizations, health IT companies, and patients gathered in a year-long effort. The report aims to streamline the flow of health information across health IT systems and care settings. Critical patient information is getting ... The post 9 Ways to Improve Health IT Interoperability and Patient Data Access appeared first on Outsource Management Group, LLC..

Tags data health access improve

European Union: Are Big Data And Algorithms Next On The European Commission's Competition Agenda? - Antoniou McCollum & Co. LLC

2019-02-14 12:32:13| Mondaq.Com

The more intriguing concern lies with tacit collusion.

Tags co data big llc


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