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2018-08-19 08:05:48| The Economic Times

No cash to be filled in ATM after 9 pm next yearThere are over 8,000 privately owned cash vans plying across the country, operated by non-bank private agencies, and they handle over Rs 15,000 crore daily on behalf of banks.

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2018-08-19 08:00:12| Guardian Unlimited Business - more business news

Bosses now get paid 300 times what workers do. In the 60s, that ratio was far lower, and growth and investment were higherDefenders of the astronomical amounts routinely being trousered by leading executives have a stock response to critics who say that such rewards are excessive. Chief executives have to be paid the going rate. Without the right incentives, these alpha males (and occasionally alpha females) would take their talents elsewhere and everyone would lose. Its a global marketplace out there. The market rate for talent has to be paid. Having a pop at these titans of industry over their remuneration packages is simply the politics of envy.Interestingly, the same explanation is used to justify the nugatory pay awards executives hand out to their staff. When it comes to people lower down the pay s cale, the message is that jobs can always be outsourced overseas if the workers get too bolshie about pay. Continue reading...

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2018-08-19 08:00:00| Telegraph Business

Category: News and Media

2018-08-19 07:52:48| The Economic Times

A combination of Hindutva and animal rights activists persuaded the Shipping Ministry to ban exports of livestock from all ports last week.

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2018-08-19 07:52:18| The Economic Times

The lira has recently clawed back some of its losses, but economists say Turkey still urgently needs to address imbalances in its economy and avert a full-blown crisis.

Category: News and Media

2018-08-19 07:47:10| The Economic Times

Prior to that, overseas investors had pulled out over Rs 61,000 crore during April-June.

Category: News and Media

2018-08-19 07:46:25| The Economic Times

With rising oil prices, depreciating rupee and outflow of portfolio investments, there are concerns that CAD might rise in the current fiscal.

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2018-08-19 07:38:21| The Economic Times

Netaji's daughter appeals to bring his mortal remainsAccording to her, Netaji died in an air crash in Taiwan on August 18, 1945 and his remains are preserved at Tokyo's Renkoji temple since September 1945.

Category: News and Media

2018-08-19 07:35:33| The Economic Times

The quake was centred west-southwest of Belanting town in East Lombok, the US Geological Survey said, at a relatively shallow depth of seven kilometres (four miles).

Category: News and Media

2018-08-19 07:30:00| Telegraph Business

Category: News and Media

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