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ThisPersonDoesNotExist Is A Terrifying Glimpse Of What Neural Networks Are Capable Of

2019-02-15 20:50:22| digg

AI-generated fake images and videos can occasionally be funny, but usually they're a scary look into an all-too-near future where we can't distinguish the real from the fake. ThisPersonDoesNotExist falls firmly in the "scary" box.

Tags of networks capable neural

How Do The Insanely Wealthy Actually Pay For Something Worth Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars?

2019-02-15 18:59:16| digg

To begin with, for the most part, paying for something worth a pile of Ferraris is the same as paying for any other item.

Tags of pay worth dollars

3 Ways Investors Can Benefit From Instagram (Hint: Facebook Isn't One of Them)

2019-02-15 17:41:00| Fool.com Headlines

Instagram has changed the culture, and a number of industries are profiting from its influence.

Tags of one them ways

Amazons New York City Deal Was Killed By a Cocktail of Hubris and Miscalculations

2019-02-15 14:52:35| TIME Magazine Online: Top Business Stories

It's a huge loss for Amazon

Tags of city york deal

A Political Economist On The End Of The Age Of Objectivity

2019-02-15 13:33:06| digg

In our current era particularly during the Presidency of Donald Trump knowledge, once a way of representing the world, has become a way to control it.

Tags the of end age


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