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2021-02-24 11:26:24| Fast Company

Needlephobes, listen up. Getting one injection of the COVID-19 vaccine, instead of two, may become a reality soon. Needlephobes, listen up. Getting one injection of the COVID-19 vaccine, instead of two, may become a reality soon.Read Full Story

Category: E-Commerce

2021-02-24 11:00:26| Fast Company

This time management expert offers surefire tips for getting out from under, boosting productivity, and regaining your sanity. In my attorney days, I had a to-do list for each active case, which I carried with me from meeting to meeting like security blankets. Truth be told, I loved my to-do lists. But with working 12-plus-hour days and feeling like I never accomplished quite enough in the day, I actually thought I was bad at time management.Read Full Story

Category: E-Commerce

2021-02-24 11:00:02| Fast Company

‘Mission Possible: The Race for a Vaccine’ premieres March 11 on National Geographic. It’s in the western Michigan town of Portage where the finishing touches get put on Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine, created with German-based BioNTech. It’s where the vials are filled and prepped to be shipped, and so far, the 3,000 workers at this 1,300-acre facility have shipped out about 40 million doses. Last Friday, President Biden arrived to tour the plant and thank the workers.Read Full Story

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2021-02-24 10:30:23| Fast Company

Breastfeeding can be excruciating. Frida Mom creates products that addresses women’s pain, not just nourishing babies. There are many things they don’t tell you about becoming a mother. The most shocking for me was how much my breasts would hurt in the blurry days after I gave birth: The cracked nipples, engorgement, and clogged ducts made me cry as much as my newborn.Read Full Story

Category: E-Commerce

2021-02-24 10:01:59| Fast Company

Even Twitter, the highest-ranked company in Ranking Digital Rights’ study, gets dinged for insufficient transparency. And Amazon’s rating is far worse. A new report on the human-rights policies of 26 tech and telecom firms around the world delivers a harsh verdict: From Alibaba to Vodafone, they all get an F.Read Full Story

Category: E-Commerce

2021-02-24 09:28:04| Fast Company

Worker advocates are paying close attention to a proposed increase in the federal minimum wage, but the fate of the plan remains unclear. All eyes are on the COVID-19 relief plan currently being worked out in Congress, but worker advocates are paying particular attention to one part of it—the proposed new federal minimum wage.Read Full Story

Category: E-Commerce

2021-02-24 09:00:33| Fast Company

This new form of mobility will be very different from our current reality, which provides some unique design opportunities. The future of urban air mobility is often represented in utopian images. A wealth of fanciful renderings show flying vehicles taking off and landing vertically from glittering vertiports. The people in these portrayals live in fantastical futures of high-tech cities, maneuvering experiences that we’ve seen only in science fiction films.Read Full Story

Category: E-Commerce

2021-02-24 09:00:14| Fast Company

To get its emissions down, the salad chain had to do exhausting research on every supplier—and create new salads with ingredients that sequester more carbon. With a menu focused on plants, the salad chain Sweetgreen automatically has a lower carbon footprint than a typical fast-food chain serving millions of burgers. But the company now plans to go a step further, setting the goal of cutting its carbon footprint in half in the next six years. The rest of its emissions will be offset, making the company carbon neutral.Read Full Story

Category: E-Commerce

2021-02-24 09:00:11| Fast Company

The tech sector continues to add high-wage jobs, and Bitwise hopes expanding its apprenticeship program will help more BIPOC workers land them. Bitwise Industries, a startup that is creating tech ecosystems to increase economic opportunities in undervalued cities, just scored $50 million in series B financing led by Kapor Capital, with participation from JPMorgan Chase, Motley Fool Ventures, and ProMedica.Read Full Story

Category: E-Commerce

2021-02-24 08:26:25| Fast Company

The recall is the first mass battery-cell replacement conducted by a major electric-vehicle maker. Hyundai Motor Company has announced a global recall of 82,000 electric vehicles due to battery issues. Specifically, the recall applies to three models of vehicles made by the South Korean auto giant, all of which have batteries that may catch fire. Those vehicles include:Read Full Story

Category: E-Commerce

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