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Kavanaugh calls allegation in New Yorker story a 'smear'

2018-09-24 08:22:08| CNNMoney.com

"This is a smear, plain and simple," Brett Kavanaugh says. That's his response to the new allegation of sexual misconduct against him -- published by The New Yorker on Sunday night -- in a story co-bylined by Ronan Farrow and Jane Mayer.

Category: Investing

GoldSeek Radio: Dr. Raymond Moody and John Williams, and Chris Waltzek

2018-09-24 07:22:43| GoldSeek.com News

Dr. Raymond Moody, renowned psychiatrist; author of best-selling Life after Life (1974) and founder of The University of Heaven makes his show debut. The host is reunited with the former forensic therapist 30 years after sitting in Dr. Moody's undergraduate class. John Williams of Shadowstats.com returns to the show with dire comments on the domestic economy. US policymakers have attempted to revive the domestic economy via $14 trillion QE policies requiring $100 billion per month in QE operations.

Category: Investing

Technical Scoop - Weekend Update September 24 2018

2018-09-24 07:22:43| GoldSeek.com News

No, it is not our intention to get into a discussion on financial astrology, although it is a rather fascinating subject. We have viewed our job as to provide insight rather than predicting. Throughout the years we have discovered that no one has the perfect forecast and no one has the perfect answer. But that doesnt stop many from trying. Daily we see come-ons imploring us to get this next great stock or we have the next great prediction on the markets. Just read through a lengthy write-up telling you all about it, but not the stock, of course, and when you get to the endits, subscribe here for the next great thing.

Category: Investing

Marketing and Advertising

Casio's see-through G-Shock watches are an icy blast of nostalgia

2018-09-24 07:29:00| Engadget

Casio's G-Shock watch line is enjoying a bit of a renaissance on its 35th anniversary (you can even get a full metal model if you like), and the company is making the most of it with some particularly eye-catching wristwear. It just introduced a Gla...

Category: Marketing and Advertising

Six Siblings Of Republican Congressman Call On Voters To Support His Opponent

2018-09-24 07:06:05| digg

In the ads, Tim, David, Grace, Joan, Gaston, and Jennifer Gosar all speak directly to the camera and explain why they think their brother does not have the best interest of Arizona's 4th district.

Category: Marketing and Advertising

Deezer's AI mood detection could lead to smarter song playlists

2018-09-24 05:04:00| Engadget

Astute listeners know that you can't gauge a song's mood solely through the instrumentation or the lyrics, but that's often what AI has been asked to do -- and that's not much help if you're trying to sift through millions of songs to find something...

Category: Marketing and Advertising
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