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2023-11-21 10:20:50| Engadget

Starfield just received some key updates promised by Bethesda a couple of months ago, the developer announced. Version 1.8.86 comes with DLSS support that finally gives users with supported NVIDIA cards features including DLSS Super Resolution, Deep Learning Anti-aliasing (DLAA), Reflex Low Latency and DLSS frame generation. That should assuage numerous grumbling users, many of whom used a controversial DLSS mod to tide themselves over.  Along with DLSS, the update includes GPU performance optimizations that will help users with higher-end cards. Bethesda has also addressed memory leaks and other related issues, improved renderer threading and made a number of other stability and performance improvements. On the graphics side, it added brightness and contrast controls (!), while addressing issues around ambient occlusion, shader compilation, HDR brightness (Xbox and Windows 11 only), material issues, crowd character eyes and more. Update 1.8.86 has landed! DLSS Support Consume button for food Numerous fixes and improvements Get all the details in our full update notes: https://t.co/7UYVNY0L6r #Starfield pic.twitter.com/P1VvN9fAET Starfield (@StarfieldGame) November 20, 2023 Gameplay also sees some welcome updates. You can now "eat the food placed in the world" via a "consume button" without having to add items to inventory, a nice quality-of-life fix. Bethesda also adjusted stealth to be more forgiving, resolved the problem of Andreja's head staying permanently cloaked, fixed an issue that could prevent players from firing weapons, resolved a problem with naked NPCs, fixed mouse issues and more. It also resolved quest problems that mostly revolve around inconsistent game play.  Bethesda beta tested the new features earlier this month on Steam before deeming them fit for release. In September, it said that it's "working closely" with NVIDIA, AMD and Intel on driver support, possibly in response to a Digital Foundry technical report saying the game had "disproportionately poor NVIDIA and Intel performance." Starfield is among the best-selling games of 2023 (thanks in part to being free on Game Pass), with the company having reported 10 million players as of the end of September. This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/starfield-update-brings-dlss-support-and-a-number-of-fixes-092050462.html?src=rss

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