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2020-11-30 07:00:56| Engadget

Toyota is one of a few companies trying to turn hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEVs) into a viable option. Its first production FCEV, the Mirai, was sold in limited quantities (11,000 cars sold as of September 2020) in the few places you coul...

Category: Marketing and Advertising


2020-11-29 22:54:31| Engadget

Hackers are fond of hijacking email accounts, and one of them may have obtained a motherlode of potential targets. ZDNet and Gizmodo report that a hacker is selling claimed access to hundreds of C-suite executives Microsoft-based email accounts, i...

Category: Marketing and Advertising


2020-11-29 22:10:29| Engadget

India is bringing app-based ride hailing services under dedicated regulation for the first time, and it might just set an example for other countries. TechCrunch reports the country has instituted guidelines that set expectations for both drivers and...

Category: Marketing and Advertising


2020-11-29 21:50:40| Engadget

In the future, Volkswagen may have a pretty affordable electric vehicle offering in its lineup. According to Reuters, the automaker is working on a pure electric car around the size of a Polo under a project that the company calls Small BEV (Battery...

Category: Marketing and Advertising


2020-11-29 21:05:16| Engadget

Scientists have long explored using viruses to fight cancer, but that doesnt work well for metastatic cancers (that is, those that have spread beyond the primary site) when your immune system will quickly neuter perceived threats. There might, howev...

Category: Marketing and Advertising


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