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2020-09-16 23:00:40| Engadget

Want a reason to maintain your PlayStation Plus subscription? How about more than a dozen of the best titles released during the PS4 generation? Today, Sony announced that PS5 owners with an active PS Plus membership will have immediate access to som...

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2020-09-16 23:00:00| Wired News: Top Stories

Sometimes the sequel is better, the Quest 2 is a virtually flawless improvement on the original.

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2020-09-16 22:57:52| Engadget

Everybodys favorite web slinger is making his way to the Playstation 5! During Sonys PS5 gameplay preview event on Wednesday, the company unveiled seven additional minutes of new gameplay for the upcoming Spider-Man: Miles Morales title.Miles Moral...

Category: Marketing and Advertising


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