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2023-01-25 15:00:54| Engadget

Honda has big plans for the new year and electrification will play a huge part of that, the company's recently-promoted SVP of Sales, Mamadou Diallo, told reporters on Tuesday. Expect to see a lot more Honda and Acura hybrids on the road this year, ahead of a major EV push come 2024.Overall, Honda is officially aiming to move 1.2 million units in 2023, with Acura shooting for 160,000 units, a 20 - 25 percent increase over what they sold in 2022. And although the company managed to maintain a single-digit days' supply of vehicles throughout last year, it enters 2023 with a glut of cars and trucks and a 17-day supply. As such, dealers are going to be looking to move a lot of that inventory before this year's models start arriving so fingers crossed, we could potentially see some Tesla-level price cuts in the near future."In 2023, we will see the strategies we've been talking about, including growing sales of light truck models, increasing volume of hybrid-electric models and the start of digital sales at Acura," Diallo said in a Wednesday press release. "All this leads toward our vision of 100-percent electrified sales by 2040 to fulfill our ultimately goal of zero emissions by 2050." The ZDX and ZDX Type S will be Acura's first full-EV offerings and serve as the harbingers of the company's new, exclusively online EV sales strategy. Diallo didn't have much additional information regarding how the system would work such as whether haggling was allowed or how individual vehicle prices would be set but assured the assembled journalists, "as we get closer to [the ZDX debut], we certainly will be discussing this a little bit more with our dealer body and the press in general. For right now we're still finalizing all those details." Acura joins Ford, Volvo, GM and VW in shifting its electrified vehicle sales to the digital marketplace. For its part, Honda is planning a significant increase in its hybrid vehicle production in 2023, starting with the newly-redesigned Accord and Accord Hybrid (they'll also be Honda's first with Google Built-In). The company "will continue to increase hybrid sales through core models as an important step in bridging customers to full electrified vehicles while reducing GHG emissions," the Wednesday release reads. Honda anticipates a solid half of this year's CR-V and Accord sales to be of the hybrid variety and its efforts bolstered in 2024 with the introduction of a new Civic hybrid. Sales for the all electric Prologue begin this year with deliveries set for 2024.

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2023-01-25 13:40:09| Engadget

If you're looking to buy some accessories for your phone, a bunch of Anker powerbanks, cables and chargers are on sale right now at Amazon. One of the best deals in the list is the Anker Magnetic (MagGo) Battery for the iPhone 12, 13 and 14, which is currently 36 percent off at $45. That's $25 less than its usual price and is an all-time low for the device that can stick to the back of your iPhone for on-the-go wireless charging and can double as a kickstand. The 5,000 mAh battery is only 0.5 inches thin and can also charge via USB-C. Its white, purple and blue versions are on sale for $45 at the moment, but you can also get the green variant for $60.In case you need a portable battery with a much bigger capacity not just for your phone, but for your laptop and tablet, as well, Anker's PowerCore 40K is also on sale for $56. This is the lowest price we've seen for the powerbank, which retails for $100, on the website. Like its name implies, the device has a 40,000 mAh capacity and is capable of 30W USB-C charging. Anker says it can charge an iPhone 13 for up to 8.8 times and a 2020 MacBook Air twice. Anker's Nano II 45W USB-C Charger is also on sale, if what you're looking for is a single small charger for multiple devices. It can charge Samsung Galaxy devices and the 2020 MacBook Air at full speed, and it can also charge an iPhone 13 faster than Apple's original charger can. But it also works with other devices, such as the iPad, Apple Watch and 13-inch MacBook Pro. This compact foldable charger will set you back $30, or $10 less than its usual price.If all you need is cables, however, you can also get a three-pack bundle of Anker's Powerline+ II Lightning Cable from the sale. The bundle comes with two three-feet and one six-feet cable and will cost you $26.24, or 25 percent less than retail. Shop Anker deals at AmazonFollow @EngadgetDeals on Twitter and subscribe to the Engadget Deals newsletter for the latest tech deals and buying advice.

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2023-01-25 13:15:40| Engadget

In November, millions of Taylor Swift fans logged on to Ticketmaster to grab tickets for her 2023 tour. However, the site crashed, rendering verified users unable to purchase. Ticketmaster's parent company, Live Nation, explained that while 1.5 million people had signed up as legit customers, over 14 million hit the site when tickets went on sale many of which were bots.Live Nation president and CFO Joe Berchtold told the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday that the company "learned valuable lessons" from the Swift debacle. Three senators shoehorned in Taylor Swift quotes into their statements and questions which I loved.Berchtold called for Congress to expand the BOTS Act to "increase enforcement." Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal reminded Berchtold there are already legal options for going after scalpers using bots to procure tickets. "You have unlimited power to go to court," Blumenthal said. "Your approach seems to be that everyone else is responsible here." Mat SmithThe biggest stories you might have missedLG's latest ultra short-throw projector is a dream if you can afford itApple's latest 12.9-inch iPad Pro is up to $200 offThe 2024 Polestar 2 will have better range, stronger motors and a SmartZone sensor suiteSpaceX completes first stacked Starship fueling testNASA and DARPA will test nuclear engines for crewed missions to MarsThe agencies hope to demonstrate the tech as soon as 2027.NASANASA is teaming up with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to test a nuclear thermal rocket engine in space, to use the technology for crewed missions to the red planet. The agencies hope to "demonstrate advanced nuclear thermal propulsion technology as soon as 2027," NASA administrator Bill Nelson said. "With the help of this new technology, astronauts could journey to and from deep space faster than ever a major capability to prepare for crewed missions to Mars." There are, of course, risks involved with NTP engines, such as the possible dispersal of radioactive material in the environment should a failure occur in the atmosphere or orbit. Nevertheless, NASA says the faster transit times NTP engines can enable could lower the risk to astronauts they could reduce travel times to Mars by up to a quarter. Nuclear thermal rockets could be at least three times more efficient than conventional chemical propulsion methods.Continue reading.Amazon's RxPass offers Prime members generic medications for $5 a monthIt has medications for 80 common health conditions.Amazon has launched a new subscription service for customers in the US to get as many eligible medications as they need for $5 a month. The new service, called RxPass, is part of the e-commerce giant's Pharmacy business, which launched in 2020 as a two-day prescription drug delivery for Prime users. That makes RxPass a $5 add-on for Prime, which sets users back $139 a year or $15 a month in the US. Customers will need to pay $5 out of pocket, since the service does not take insurance, like Amazon Pharmacy does, for purchases outside of the program. People enrolled in Medicare, Medicaid and any other government healthcare program will not be able to sign up for RxPass, either.Continue reading.Forspoken review: A magical world with several cracksFluid battles, uneven plot.Square EnixIn Forspoken, you control the agile, angry Frey, slinging elemental attacks (and f-bombs) at multiple monsters before leaping off a cliff face and swinging from a molten outcrop. You keep moving, through the lands of Athia, through the adventure, because it's enjoyable and satisfying, but also because when you slow down, you start to see the cracks. Delayed twice, while the fighting system is generally solid, Forspoken has a lot of sub-quest padding, and most of it's pretty dull.Continue reading.WhatsApp's native Mac app beta is now available to allIt's optimized to run fast and efficiently on Mac hardware.Mac users now have a native version of WhatsApp. The new app is optimized for Mac hardware and built with Mac Catalyst, so it should be faster and more efficient than the current web-wrapped Electron version. You also get a new interface with three panels to easily flip between chats, calls, archived and starred messages, while seeing contacts and interactions at a glance.Continue reading.

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