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2023-03-22 16:15:48| Engadget

Spotify's financial apology for Joe Rogan's comments may not amount to much so far. Bloomberg sources claim the streaming service has spent less than 10 percent of its $100 million Creator Equity Fund, a pool meant to foster diversity in podcasts and music, in its first year of operation. The company reportedly planned to spend the whole fund over three years, but hasn't had a solid structure for approving spending and has been slow to hire staff. Changing priorities have also hurt the project, the insiders say.Unionized workers at Parcast, a Spotify podcast network, have previously criticized the company over a lack of spending. In February, they complained to management that the company had greenlit just $5,000 out of the $100,000 earmarked for diversity plans. Spotify didn't address the funding claims in a statement to Engadget. It instead pointed to projects the fund has supported so far. This includes the LGBTQ music promotion program Glow, marketing campaigns for Black artists like Kaytranada and the recent expansion of the NextGen podcast funding initiative to support development at historically Black colleges and universities. The Creator Equity Fund has also been used to support Latina/Latino creators.The firm established the fund after the artist-led backlash to Joe Rogan allegedly enabling the spread of COVID-19 vaccine misinformation through his Spotify-exclusive podcast. While that was the catalyst, critics also pointed to Rogan using racist language and making transphobic statements. Spotify has repeatedly defended signing Rogan in 2020, but has pulled some of the episodes containing racist words. Its deal with the podcaster is rumored to be worth at least $200 million and to last 3.5 years.It won't be surprising if Spotify spends more of the diversity fund. However, the apparent lack of spending doesn't help Spotify's case. If the report is accurate, the company has had trouble fulfilling its promise to listeners worried the service is amplifying hate and other dangerous falsehoods.This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/spotify-has-reportedly-spent-less-than-10-percent-of-its-joe-rogan-apology-fund-151548112.html?src=rss

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2023-03-22 16:00:37| Engadget

At Engadget, weve covered plenty of standing desks and peripherals that have changed up our work-from-home setups, but everyones use case (and living arrangements) differ. Until now, Ive struggled to find a standing desk that balances versatility and compactness.I live in a small, one-bedroom apartment in London, usually working on a dining table instead of a work desk. I dont use a second screen (I know I should) as I prefer to take my work computer to a coffee shop or across London without losing utility. I do have a wireless keyboard and trackpad, which I usually break out during hectic writing deadlines. But, beyond an IKEA laptop shelf, Ive never found a standing desk to which Id be willing to dedicate a corner of my home. I also didnt want to be reminded of work while relaxing on a Saturday morning.But Intension's tripod standing desk, with a collapsible design and adjustable height, might be the solution. There are several portable standing desks, but Intensions pro model, with particularly industrial legs and an optional wheel add-on, ticked many boxes. The desk surface can be fixed between 28 and 53 inches, making it a suitable work surface for most people.The tripod setup offers more versatility than typical standing desks, as you can set it up at knee height and use it for board games or puzzles. (People still do puzzles, okay?) The desk can also be angled and fixed if you prefer to type or write at an incline, too. Along one edge, there are two laptop stops to keep your laptop on the desk surface, even when tilted.The wheels (an optional add-on) add even more freedom: I can roll the desk into my bedroom if Im taking conference calls and want to be out of earshot of the running washing machine in the background. Wouldnt taking your standing desk outside be nice if you have a garden? Thats possible with a tripod desk. As you can see in the pictures, the tripod part of the desk is pretty substantial, so it'll stay there once its tightened in place. That said, because of the way the surface is affixed in a uniform line, the desk part can wobble a little.Mat Smith / EngadgetTalking of the surface, some tripod desks offer work space barely larger than an inflight tray table in economy-comfort class. Fortunately, this one has a 16- by 28-inch surface, leaving enough space for a (light!) secondary screen, your phone and more. I attached my Blue podcasting mic to an articulating arm and clamped it to the far edge of the desk.Beyond using a standing desk for everyday PC work, its come into its own when I need to film videos for this job, with the perfect space for my autocue (my laptop) and my mic.Its a lot more substantial than a typical camera tripod, but also so much sturdier. Oddly enough, the wheelbase is a solid, adjustable triangular base that makes it feel even more rigid. Each wheel can also be locked in place and there are also rubberized feet on the tripod, too. Once it's set up, the feet are unlikely to move independently, whether on hard floors, carpet or rugs.Its maneuverability is the best part of this tripod desk even when its not in use. While testing, I didnt deconstruct it and pack it away often, but the ability to do so when I have visitors over or need extra floor space is a boon. Most of the time, I can wheel it into a corner, behind a shelf, out of sight.Mat Smith / EngadgetThe pro model tripod is so incredibly hardy it would probably outlast several items of static furniture. Its a shame the surface is a little shaky if theyre looking to refresh this model, a cross strut to stabilize the surface would be a smart place to begin.. Its not enough of an angle for cups to slide off, but it does feel oddly precarious when the tripod itself is so substantial and when the desk costs $400.I tested out the Intension Tripod Standing Desk Pro as a simple standing desk, but its versatility meant I used it for more than just laptop work it even turned into my podcasting surface of choice. If youre looking for an even lighter, petite tripod desk or just a cheaper option Intensions basic option is currently on sale for under $200.This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/the-tripod-desk-pro-is-a-portable-standing-desk-that-upgraded-my-wfh-setup-150037026.html?src=rss

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2023-03-22 15:41:48| TRENDWATCHING.COM

Category: Marketing and Advertising

2023-03-22 15:00:52| Engadget

Amazon is once again refreshing its Fire TV sets, but the focus now is less on whiz-bang features and more on where those sets will fit. The 4K-capable Fire TV Omni QLED line now comes in smaller 43-, 50- and 55-inch models. These TVs start at a lower $450 but still offer up to 96-zone local dimming as well as HDR using Dolby Vision IQ and HDR10+ Adaptive. To no one's surprise, you can expect far-field microphones for Alexa control as well as promises of an upgraded Ambient Experience (always-on art similar to Samsung's The Frame) with "dynamic" pieces that respond to conditions like the time and weather. That update comes later in the year.There's also a new Fire TV 2 range (pictured below) aimed squarely at viewers looking for a small bedroom set. The 32-inch 720p and 40-inch 1080p variants aren't based on QLED, require using a remote for Alexa and are limited to HDR based on HDR10 and HLG. However, the price might hit the sweet spot the 32-inch panel costs $200.AmazonThe Fire TV Omni QLED series is available for pre-order today, and will be available through Best Buy's website on May 11th. Amazon is selling the Fire TV 2 through its own site beginning today.Amazon's timing is apt. Roku just launched its first in-house TVs, with its entry Select line starting at $149 (for a 24-inch screen) and QLED-based Plus coming in below $500. While the companies' offerings don't quite overlap, Amazon's revised lineup is clearly better suited to competing against Roku's. In both cases, the strategy is similar: this is as much about getting a platform and services into your living room as it is selling hardware.This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/amazons-refreshed-fire-tv-omni-qled-lineup-includes-cheaper-smaller-models-140052321.html?src=rss

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2023-03-22 15:00:10| Engadget

It seems like every major developer is working on an open-world shooter with co-op and RPG elements. But with Redfall, by drawing inspiration from a number of its previous titles, alongside other standouts in the genre, Arkane Studios has added fun new twists to the typical fps survival game. After getting a chance to go hands-on with a preview build of the game, Im really excited to see more of how Arkane is adding its own flavor to that formula.Set in the fictional island town of Redfall, Massachusetts, your goal is to cleanse the land of the growing vampire invasion. However, these arent your standard bloodsucking ghouls. Instead of ancient monsters, these vampires are the result of a science experiment gone wrong. This gives high-ranking vampires powerful psionic abilities that elevate them to near god-like status, which theyve used to convert some of the surviving townsfolk into a cult. But more importantly, the mashup of sci-fi and supernatural in a contemporary setting has some really neat impacts on gameplay as well.Thats because, in addition to your standard range of pistols, shotguns and sniper rifles, youll have to rely on updated interpretations of iconic vampire killing weapons too, especially since bullets only weaken vampires before you properly finish them off. So alongside your trusty stake, youll also have access to things like stake launchers, flare guns and even a high-powered UV beam rifle which adds a new dimension to typical gunplay. On top of that, as a looter shooter, theres a variety of weapon rarities (from standard to unrivaled) with bonus traits like being able to reload faster or having increased accuracy while moving. And if youre a fan of a particular combo, you can also craft and customize weapons to suit your playstyle.Sadly, while I didnt have a chance to play them all, Redfalls cast offers a lot more personality than your typical roster of vampire slayers. Theres robotics engineer Remi, who uses her mechanical companion Bribon to distract enemies while she blasts away. Alternatively, theres mercenary Jacob who slays foes from afar using his sniper rifle, cloaking device and mystical Undead Eye, or Layla, who has special telekinetic abilities that she can use to create shields or launch herself (or party members) into the air for elevated attacks. However, I spent most of my time playing as Devinder, who holds the curious role of being an occult influencer in cryptozoology, while also having an interesting mix of both melee and AOE attacks thanks to his electric spear and UV staff that stuns any vampires in its range.BethesdaThen theres the world itself, which feels alive and fleshed out in a way that many open-world games fail to. Not only does the town of Redfall look like a realistic seaside town (you know aside from the crimson skies and vampires flying around), it's also spooky and atmospheric, and actually gave me chills and goosebumps. In one mission, I even had to resort to smashing all the TVs in a house because the vampires use them to broadcast creepy propaganda to convert more cultists to their side. I mean really, who likes hearing nosferatu whisper in your ear about drinking your fluids?Then there are other things like vampire nests, which you can clear out to get loot and experience. That said, if you choose to ignore a nest, you could be in for a tough time later as its influence spreads to cover more ground, while also making enemies harder to kill. And while Redfalls map isnt the biggest, its really dense, with tons of sidequests ranging from finding a popcorn machine to boost the morale of other survivors, to unlocking bunkers and strongholds hidden throughout the town.BethesdaIn a lot of ways, Redfall has clear ties to the stealthy combat in Dishonored, though it actually reminds me most of another franchise: Borderlands. The main difference is that its pacing is a bit less frenetic, opting instead for a slightly slower, more tactical style of combat, similar to what we got in Prey. Theres a nifty skill tree that lets you enhance a character's abilities, so you can choose if you want to play more offensively by adding extra damage and range to your attacks, or you can play a support role by focusing on healing and recovery skills. And though my preview was restricted to single-player, I feel like the most fun way to play will be with friends, where you can combo multiple characters' skills in a four-person squad to create some surprising team attacks. Im not going to lie, having a buddy watching my back would have made the game way less scary, which is a testament to Arkanes success at creating an eerie atmosphere.My one small complaint is that I wish characters had a dash or roll ability. I often found myself simply circle-strafing while I waited to reload for my abilities to come off cooldown. While Devinder is able to teleport by throwing out a beacon in front of him, it takes a while to do, which makes it feel like its better suited to traversing terrain like bridges or cliffs than dodging attacks in the heat of battle.Redfall isnt reinventing the genre, but it feels like Arkane has taken the best elements from previous games in the category and mashed them together, while adding its signature blend of polish and creativity. And I am really looking forward to playing more when it comes out on Xbox and PC later this spring on May 2nd.This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/redfall-hands-on-a-creepy-and-creative-twist-on-the-modern-looter-shooter-140010541.html?src=rss

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2023-03-22 14:30:37| Engadget

Amazon One's palm-reading technology that can substitute for credit cards and tickets is now available for Panera customers. With this new partnership, the fast casual chain becomes the first national restaurant to let diners use their palm for payments and loyalty points. To purchase food, customers will first need to link their MyPanera membership with an Amazon One account. This removes the need to hand over a phone number at the checkout, which traditionally provided the server with available rewards. Palm scans can be used to access loyalty rewards, for payment, or for both.One of the reasons Panera is excited about the prospect of introducing Amazon One in stores is the ability to get to know its customers better. The company claims that being able to identify customers at the checkout will allow servers to recognize names and also their favorite orders, turning "the guest experience into a true and meaningful relationship." Yes, next time you want a "You pick two" you're going to have to make a friend first. Good luck.Amazon One launched in 2020 and has since expanded into a slew of Whole Foods stores (owned by Amazon) and concert venues. Artists and activists pushed back about the planned move into sports and music events, claiming the technology could provide personal data to government agencies. As well as announcing the new partnership, Amazon also confirmed it's now allowing customers to pre-enroll in Amazon One. Panera says Amazon One is already available in two St Louis locations, but has plans to roll it out more widely in the coming months.This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/amazons-palm-reading-tech-tested-panera-cafes-133037398.html?src=rss

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2023-03-22 14:15:19| Engadget

It's not just Android phones that are vulnerable to a screenshot security flaw. Developer Chris Blume has discovered that Windows 11's Snipping Tool falls prey to a similar exploit. The utility doesn't completely erase unused PNG image data, making it possible to recover some of the cropped-out picture and potentially obtain sensitive data. As BleepingComputerverified with researcher David Buchanan, you can extract the supposedly hidden info using a slightly modified version of the script used to demonstrate the Android vulnerability.The issue doesn't affect some PNG files, including optimized images. You can also wipe the unused data by saving the cropped picture as another file in an image editing tool. JPEG files also leave data from the original screenshot, but the exploit isn't known to work with the format at this stage.holy FUCK.Windows Snipping Tool is vulnerable to Acropalypse too.An entirely unrelated codebase.The same exploit script works with minor changes (the pixel format is RGBA not RGB)Tested myself on Windows 11 https://t.co/5q2vb6jWOnpic.twitter.com/ovJKPr0x5Y David Buchanan (@David3141593) March 21, 2023We've asked Microsoft for comment and will let you know if we hear back. In a statement to BleepingComputer, Microsoft says it's "investigating" the security reports and will "take action as needed" to protect users.Buchanan and programmer Simon Aarons recently found a severe "aCropalypse" flaw in the Markup screenshot feature on Google Pixel phones. While Google has since patched the security hole with its March update (now expanded to Pixel 6 phones), the fix only addresses images created after installing the patch. Provided Microsoft releases a corresponding Windows 11 update, existing images may have the same problem.The concern, as you might guess, is that an intruder with access to your images might use a script to recover information you intend to hide, such as contacts and business secrets. The culprit could use the info for harassment, blackmail or espionage. While this may not be as much of a headache for locally stored screenshots (you have larger problems if an attacker already has access to your device), it could be very troublesome for unmodified images you save in the cloud.This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/windows-11-security-flaw-exposes-cropped-out-screenshot-data-131519887.html?src=rss

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2023-03-22 14:00:36| Engadget

Paying a monthly fee for something you never use makes zero financial sense. But subscription overload is real, with dozens of streaming, gaming, dating and even hot-sauce delivery services lining up to take a monthly cut of your paycheck. While its tough to keep track of everything you signed up for especially the ones you dont use weve come up with a few tricks to help thin the ranks of your recurring charges. We included a list of common subscriptions you may have forgotten about, as well as instructions on how to cancel a few of the most unwanted. And for those who could use a little cancellation help, we tested a couple of finance apps that track and nix stuff on your behalf.First things first: Find out what subscriptions you haveBefore putting this post together, I had no idea how many subscriptions I was paying for. Surprises included a coding game for my kid (that he no longer plays) and a British streaming app Id gotten for one show (that I finished nearly a year ago). You, too, may not know what subscriptions are quietly subtracting dollars from your accounts. One of the most comprehensive ways to see what youre paying for is to look at your bank and credit card transactions, performing a search for every transaction in the previous full month. It may be a lot to scroll through, but each monthly subscription will appear at least once in that time frame.Another approach is to search for welcome and thank you emails, since most services send out an initial message confirming your new subscription. Using the advanced search function in your email, enter the words welcome or thank you in the subject field, and variations on the words annual subscribing and membership in the general or keyword search fields. You should get a decent idea of the things youve signed up for, but may have to wade through lots of promotional emails before you find the services you actually subscribed to. This method isnt as comprehensive as going through your banking statements, but it could help you find annual subscriptions that wont show up in a months worth of transactions.Sometimes its helpful to simply see a list of common subscriptions people pay for (and often forget about). Here are a few:Entertainment YouTube Premium Amazon Prime Video (or Prime in general) Netflix Disney+ Pandora Premium Twitch Subscriber CrunchyrollGaming PlayStation Plus Xbox Game Pass Nintendo Switch OnlineWork/Productivity LinkedIn Premium Adobe Creative Cloud Microsoft 365 ToDo EvernoteDating Tinder Grindr Bumble Hinge RayaFood Hello Fresh Green Chef Blue Apron Doordash DashPass Uber Eats Uber One Monthly coffee, hot sauce and jerky boxesHow to cancel subscriptionsFor the most part, if you sign up and pay for a service through an app, you can cancel through the same app. Some app developers will instead direct you to their website to pay for a subscription. A cancellation process will nearly always involve logging in to your account and navigating to your profile or account details to view and cancel your subscription.Here are steps to cancel a few of the most popular subs.From the Apple App Store or Google Play StoreWhen you pay for a subscription through an app store, the transaction will likely be listed as a payment to either Apple or Google, so its harder to see what youre paying for using the banking suggestion above. Heres how to see what youve subscribed to using the two major app marketplaces, plus how to cancel.How to cancel subscriptions through Apples App Store1. Open the Settings app from your iPhone or iPads home page.2. Tap your profile box at the top.3. Tap on Media & Purchases.4. A pop up window will appear; tap on View Account5. Scroll down and tap on Subscriptions.6. Youll see your active and inactive subscriptions listed.7. Tap the one you want to cancel and follow the prompts.How to cancel subscriptions throuh Googles Play Store1. Open the Google Play app.2. Tap your profile circle in the upper right.3. Tap on Payments & Subscriptions.4. Tap on Subscriptions.4. Youll see your active subscriptions and can decide which ones you no longer want.How to cancel Amazon PrimeAmazonAmazon raised the price of a Prime membership last February, bringing it to $15 per month or $139 per year. While a membership gets you things like free shipping and access to Prime Video, if you arent shopping online as much as you used to and youve already finished The Peripheral, heres how to cancel.Through the Amazon app:1. Tap the person icon at the bottom of the screen.2. Tap on the Your Account button at the top of the screen.3. Scroll down to and tap Manage Prime Membership under the Account Settings section.4. Youll be taken to a Prime page; tap Manage Membership.5. Select the Manage Membership option and tap End Membership. Here, you can also opt for a reminder to be sent three days before your next renewal if you dont want to cancel right away.Via a web browser:1. Sign in to Amazon.2. Hover over Accounts & Lists to the right of the search bar up top.3. Click on Memberships & Subscriptions under Your Account.4. Youll see your Prime membership listed; click on the Prime Membership Settings button.5. Click on Update, Cancel & More under Manage Memberships.6. In the pop-up menu, click the End Membership button.How to cancel Paramount PlusParamount Plus is one of the cheaper subscriptions out there, going for $5 per month for the ad-supported version, or $10 if you dont want to see commercials. But if youre done with Picard, we feel you.1. Log in to your Paramount Plus account on a web browser.2. Select the primary profile for the account.3. Hover over your profile name in the upper right and select Account from the drop down menu.4. Click on Cancel Subscription in the Subscription and Billing section.How to cancel Apple TV+AppleFor just $7 per month, Apple TV+ offers some qualityshows. But if youre just waiting for Severance to come back, theres no penalty for canceling the service until the denizens of Lumon Industries return. Since Apple TV+ requires an Apple ID, its easiest to cancel through the settings app on your Apple device. If you didnt sign up through a Mac, iPad or iPhone or dont have an Apple TV box, follow the PC instructions.On an iPhone or iPad:1. Open the Settings app.2. Tap your profile box at the top.3. Tap on Media & Purchases.4. A pop-up window will appear; tap View Account.5. Scroll down to and tap on Subscriptions.6. Tap either Apple TV+ or Apple One membership, depending on how you first signed up.7. Select which subscriptions you want to cancel and follow the prompts.On a Mac:1. Open the App Store app.2. Click on your name and profile image at the bottom left.3. Click on Account Settings at the top of the screen.4. In the pop-up window, scroll down to the Manage section and click the Manage link to the right of the word Subscriptions.5. Select the Edit link next to the subscription you want to cancel, then click the Cancel Subscription button.On an Apple TV box:Open the Settings app from the home page.Click on Users & Accounts.Click on Subscriptions.Find the subscription you want to cancel and follow the prompts.On a PC:1. Open the iTunes app.2. Click the Account tab at the top of the iTunes window and select View My Account.3. Scroll down to the Settings section and click the Manage link to the right of the word Subscriptions.4. Select the Edit link next to the subscription you want to cancel, then click the Cancel Subscription button.How to cancel an Audible membershipIf you downloaded Audible for a 12-hour road trip but havent used it much since, heres how to stop paying $8 per month. If you didnt sign up via Amazon or Audible and instead went through Apples App Store or Google Play, follow the From an app store instructions above.Through Amazon:1. Sign in to your Amazon account.2. Hover over Accounts & Lists to the right of the search bar.3. Click on Memberships & Subscriptions under YourAccount.4. Youll see your Audible membership listed; click the Audible Settings button.5. Scroll down to Membership Options & Help and click on Cancel Membership.Through Audible:1. Sign in to your Audible account.2. Hover over the link that says Hi [your name] and select Account Details from the menu.3. Youll see a box with your membership details; click on Cancel Membership.4. Answer the reason for canceling question and follow the prompts.How to cancel Spotify PremiumSpotifySpotify finally added a feature that lets you exclude certain playlists so your kids tastes dont influence your recommendations and that feature is available whether you pay for $10 for Premium or not. If you want to go back to the free version of Spotify, youll need to do so on a web browser, as you cant cancel through the app. Luckily, you can use either a mobile browser or a desktop version.1. Head to Spotify on a web browser and log in.2. If you havent logged in via the web before, youll see a button for Web Player or Account Overview; select Account Overview.3. If youre already in the Web Player, click either the gear icon (mobile browser) or your profile image (desktop browser) in the upper right corner.4. Select Your Account.5. Your subscription will appear under the Your Plan section; click the Change Plan button.6. A list of subscription plans will appear; scroll to the bottom and select Cancel Premium under the Spotify Free plan.How to cancel YouTube TVYouTube TV happens to be one of the few subscription services that allows you to cancel through the app itself, as long as youre on an Android device. Non-Android users can cancel through a web browser. If youre not watching enough live TV to justify the $65 per month, heres what to do.On an Android device:1. Open the YouTube TV app.2. Tap your profile circle at the top right.3. Tap on Settings, then tap on Membership.4. Under your membership details, tap Manage.5. Click on Cancel Membership and follow the prompts.Via a web browser:1. Head to YouTubeTV.2. Log in and click your profile circle in the top right.3. Tap on Settings, then tap on Membership.4. Under your membership details, tap on Manage next to Base Plan.5. Click on Cancel Membership and follow the prompts.Apps that can helpSome finance apps will track and manage your subscriptions for you. We researched a bunch and tried out a couple of the best to see how they can help. Note that some of these cost money, and adding another subscription to your life can feel counterproductive when youre trying to do the opposite.Rocket MoneyOwned by the same company as Rocket Mortgages, Rocket Money is a finance app that connects with your bank account and offers to help you budget and track your overall spending, in addition to managing your subscriptions. Youll pay for the app using a sliding scale from $3 to $12 per month for the premium version, which includes automated cancellation and other features. To access the free version at sign-up, move the slider to the left until you reach $0.Once youve linked your account, navigating to the Recurring tab gives you an overview of your subscriptions. I liked that you can access this using either the mobile or desktop app. After linking my accounts, it reminded me of an upcoming renewal for a magazine I dont read and hosting fees for a website I no longer need. Canceling both of those would save me nearly $200 in a year. Unfortunately, my monthly Apple One payment and the HBO Max access that I pay for through my Samsung TV didnt show up as recurring subscriptions. That could be due to how my bank lists the transaction, but Id like to have seen those on the list, too.Next to each transaction is a three dot menu, which includes an option to cancel this for me for Premium subscribers. Click and youll see contact methods to handle it yourself or a button to have Rocket Money do it. After you provide your username and password for the service, youll get an email confirmation that tells you the process could take up to ten days to complete. When I had Rocket Money cancel Paramount Plus for me, I got an email later that night saying the cancellation was complete.While its not a magic program that zaps your subscriptions away, Rocket Money could save you a few steps. Seeing (most of) your recurring charges together is also helpful for staying on top of things. Its up to you whether the Premium charge (and taking on another subscription) is worth the cancellation service.MintBrought to you by Intuit, whose products include TurboTax and QuickBooks, Mint works a lot like Rocket Money, syncing with your bank accounts and offering to cancel subscriptions on your behalf. Here, though, subscription management is only available on the iOS and Android apps. Thats fine for mobile bankers, but disappointing for those who prefer using a desktop.When I tried to get a picture of what Im paying for each month, the app told me no subscriptions were found in my transaction history, despite the fact that I pay for many. We reached out to Mint to find out if this is just a glitch on my end, or if there's something else going on. We'll update when we hear back. While it didn't show me any of my subscriptions, it did provide a list of common ones, like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+. Tapping on one prompts an upgrade to premium for $5 per month. After that, the process works similarly to Rocket Money, asking for your login details so the app can cancel what you dont want.One thing I did appreciate was the inclusion of a Rent and Mortgage designation within Mints regular banking function categorization that, bizarrely, Rocket Money doesnt offer.Reminder appsThere are other apps, likeBobby (iOS) and Tilla (Android), that dont connect with your bank account. Instead, you enter the details of the subscriptions you already have and add new ones as you go. The apps will remind you about upcoming renewals and let you quickly see what youre paying for, all in one place. Both are free to use but limit the number of subscriptions you can track until you upgrade, which costs a flat $4 for Bobby and $2 for Tilla. I feel like if you possess the diligence to keep apps like these up to date, you could just as easily use a spreadsheet or native apps like Apple or Googles Reminders, though these are more colorful.This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/how-to-find-and-cancel-your-unused-subscriptions-130036314.html?src=rss

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2023-03-22 13:30:56| Engadget

It kind of makes sense that Tesla would make wireless chargers. After all, when you think of the company, you think electric vehicles and their Superchargers (at least, after you force the image of Elon Musk out of your mind). But wireless charging is a slightly different beast that requires understanding of magnetic fields and expertise in power transfer technologies. Thats where Freepower, formerly known as Aira, comes in. Founder Jake Slatnick started the company in 2017 and told Engadget that it has spent the last five and a half years developing a much more advanced form of Qi, the industry-wide standard for wireless charging.As a technology supplier according to Slatnick, Freepower doesnt typically make products for consumers, besides the Base Station chargers it made in collaboration with Nomad Goods. When the Pro model launched in 2019, it was considered an enticing alternative to Apples canceled AirPower charging mat. Both promised to deliver power to up to three devices without you having to carefully align them to the charging coils. But the Base Station series is no longer supported and had compatibility issues that affected its charging speeds.In December last year, Tesla and Freepower announced the Wireless Charging Platform, and it might be a spiritual successor to the Base Station Pro. Like many of the car makers other products, though, its almost ludicrously expensive. At $300, Teslas offering is twice the cost of the priciest item on our roundup of the best multi-device wireless chargers. Still, diehard fans might not mind the premium, and there are some unique characteristics here that could explain the delta (although I maintain that its still too much to justify).For that money, youre at least getting what feels like a sturdy, premium product. The charging platform is a dense, solid block about 220mm (8.66inches) wide that weighs 747 grams (1.64 pounds). Together with the magnetic stand that props it up at an angle, the whole thing comes in at 1.02kg (2.26 pounds), which is pretty hefty. Its not like youre going to be carrying this around in your backpack so its not a huge deal, but its worth noting in case you were hoping to take it on your next trip.Cherlynn Low / EngadgetAside from that minor note, there isnt much to complain about. The alcantara fabric on the surface provides a grippy texture for my slippery phones, and the power cable is an ample 60 inches long, so it easily extends to my side table from the nearest outlet. The wire also tucks away neatly into the understated slot so cable management fans can rejoice. The platform and the included 65-watt charger all feature an angular style thats reminiscent of the Cybertruck, in a sleek all-matte-black finish. Its not much to look at, until you take a closer look and start noticing the little aesthetic touches.While Tesla was responsible for the charging platforms appearance, Freepower handled the tech. Thanks to the 30 coils embedded beneath the surface, with the loops overlapping each other in layers, you should not only be able to charge up to 3 devices at once, but it also doesnt matter where you place them. This is the idea of spatial freedom that Slatnick mentioned, where, unlike Magsafe or other Qi products, you wont have to align your handset with the rings on the charger to establish a connection.I enjoyed being able to throw my iPhone 14 Pro down haphazardly and not worry about lining up circles or waiting for magnets to click into place. It was also nice that when I shifted the iPhone slightly to make room for my Pixel 6 Pro, the charging wasnt interrupted.One tiny thing I noticed was a slight delay of a few seconds from the time I placed my phone on the surface till the charging indicator appeared onscreen. This is a tad slower than other Qi chargers Ive experienced, but not a major concern. The actual charging speed is comparable to Magsafe and other Qi devices that support 15W rates. My iPhone 14 Pro got from 57 percent to 65 percent in 22 minutes, which is in line with my experience with an older Belkin wireless charger.FreepowerOne thing that was different was how warm my phone felt after sitting on the platform for about half an hour. Charging in general, and wireless charging in particular, can cause a device to get hot, but this felt warmer than usual. It wasnt enough to alarm or burn me, but I also havent left my gadgets on this longer than an hour, so Im not sure how it would pan out if left overnight. This greater heat output than usual suggests there might be some energy wasted in the process, and we've asked Freepower to elaborate on the efficiency of its tech and will update when we get an answer.Its worth pointing out that the issue often cited as the reason behind Apples cancellation of the AirPower charging mat was that it was reportedly running way too hot due to its multi-coil design. Slatnick told Engadget that while its technology is functionally equivalent to AirPower, it has a team of expert engineers that have managed to work out many of the challenges in multi-coil design. These include determining how to deliver power to multiple devices at once, locating where each ones receiver coils are, the varying levels of charge they might be at, as well as how to do all that without using too much energy.Im not about to drop $300 for a Tesla-branded wireless charging station, even if it is very sleek and technologically impressive. Setting aside my concern about how hot it makes my phones, Im just not the sort of person who would pay $300 for something I dont actually need. But I am interested in what Freepower is working on. Slatnick wants to continue working with other vehicle manufacturers or furniture companies to see how to embed its multi-device wireless charging technology into all the surfaces that surround us. Maybe one day well see kitchen counters or backseat pockets in cars that can charge the devices that weve become so reliant on. Lets hope that we get there without too many exploding phones or electrical fires in the process.This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/tesla-wireless-charging-platform-hands-on-well-made-and-exorbitant-123056735.html?src=rss

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Windows support is coming to Nreal Air AR glasses. The company announced Nebula for Windows, which lets you view your PC on the virtual equivalent of an ultra-wide monitor.Nreal says gaming is the top use for its glasses, which connect to an external device to show content on a private virtual screen. The company cites a recent survey showing that 68 percent of Nreal Air owners use the glasses for gaming, making Windows support a top priority.The company says Windows users will enjoy a virtual curved gaming monitor with a 21:9 aspect ratio. Nreal suggests the setup is particularly ideal for fans of cockpit games where a wide field of view is advantageous. In addition, Nebula for Windows will support three degrees of freedom (3-DoF), meaning it follows your head movements and rotations but not leaning or moving through space.NrealNreal hasnt yet announced an exact release date, but it will show off the Windows support at GDC 2023 in San Francisco this week. It will also showcase next-gen casual AR games for mobile there as the company looks to spark more Android gaming development for the popular wearable.This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/nreal-air-ar-glasses-will-soon-support-windows-120041674.html?src=rss

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