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Marketing and Advertising

2024-02-22 10:40:17| Engadget

You don't have to type in your password every time you log into your PlayStation account anymore. Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) has launched passkey support for PlayStation accounts, which means you can simply sign in through your mobile device or computer and use its screen unlocking method to log in. If you use a PIN, your fingerprint or your face to unlock your phone, for instance, that's also how you'll be able to get into your PlayStation account. On desktop, we were easily able to link our account with 1Password and use its passkey capability.  In its official page for the update, the company touches on the benefits of using passkeys, such as reducing account vulnerability. Passkeys can't be reused or given away, whether it's inadvertently or on purpose as SIE explains, making them resistant to phishing and data breaches.  To set up a passkey, you simply have to go to Security under Account Management. There, you can activate the option and create a passkey by following the on-screen instructions. The company warns that some hardware security keys could cause issues, and it might be better to use synced passkeys on mobile devices instead. It also cautions against the use of mobile PIN codes as passkeys on Android and recommends iCloud Keychain, Google Password Manager, 1Password and Dashlane as a passkey provider. After setting up the option, you'll be prompted to use your passkey whenever you need to sign in on a PlayStation 5 or a PlayStation 4 console. You can deactivate the option anytime, though, if you want to go back to signing in with a password. Login to your PlayStation account hassle-free with passkeys arriving later today! Keep an eye out for updates. pic.twitter.com/BAmh64EwHR Ask PlayStation (@AskPlayStation) February 21, 2024 This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/playstation-now-supports-passkey-sign-ins-094017402.html?src=rss

Category: Marketing and Advertising

2024-02-22 08:34:45| Engadget

Google's Gemini chatbot, which was formerly called Bard, has the capability to whip up AI-generated illustrations based on a user's text description. You can ask it to create pictures of happy couples, for instance, or people in period clothing walking modern streets. As the BBC notes, however, some users are criticizing Google for depicting specific white figures or historically white groups of people as racially diverse individuals. Now, Google has issued a statement, saying that it's aware Gemini "is offering inaccuracies in some historical image generation depictions" and that it's going to fix things immediately.  We're aware that Gemini is offering inaccuracies in some historical image generation depictions. Here's our statement. pic.twitter.com/RfYXSgRyfz Google Communications (@Google_Comms) February 21, 2024 According to Daily Dot, a former Google employee kicked off the complaints when he tweeted images of women of color with a caption that reads: "It's embarrassingly hard to get Google Gemini to acknowledge that white people exist." To get those results, he asked Gemini to generate pictures of American, British and Australian women. Other users, mostly those known for being right-wing figures, chimed in with their own results, showing AI-generated images that depict America's founding fathers and the Catholic Church's popes as people of color.  In our tests, asking Gemini to create illustrations of the founding fathers resulted in images of white men with a single person of color or woman in them. When we asked the chatbot to generate images of the pope throughout the ages, we got photos depicting black women and Native Americans as the leader of the Catholic Church. Asking Gemini to generate images of American women gave us photos with a white, an East Asian, a Native American and a South Asian woman. The Verge says the chatbot also depicted Nazis as people of color, but we couldn't get Gemini to generate Nazi images. "I am unable to fulfill your request due to the harmful symbolism and impact associated with the Nazi Party," the chatbot responded.  Gemini's behavior could be a result of overcorrection, since chatbots and robots trained on AI over the past years tended to exhibit racist and sexist behavior. In one experiment from 2022, for instance, a robot repeatedly chose a Black man when asked which among the faces it scanned was a criminal. In a statement posted on X, Gemini Product Lead Jack Krawczyk said Google designed its "image generation capabilities to reflect [its] global user base, and [it takes] representation and bias seriously." He said Gemini will continue to generate racially diverse illustrations for open-ended prompts, such as images of people walking their dog. However, he admitted that "[h]istorical contexts have more nuance to them and [his team] will further tune to accommodate that." We are aware that Gemini is offering inaccuracies in some historical image generation depictions, and we are working to fix this immediately.As part of our AI principles https://t.co/BK786xbkey, we design our image generation capabilities to reflect our global user base, and we Jack Krawczyk (@JackK) February 21, 2024 This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/google-promises-to-fix-geminis-image-generation-following-complaints-that-its-woke-073445160.html?src=rss

Category: Marketing and Advertising

2024-02-22 07:33:23| Engadget

Intel's relatively new Foundry division formerly known as Intel Foundry Services until earlier today has just landed a notable order from a big name. According to Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced that his company will be tapping into Intel's latest 18A (1.8nm) fabrication process for an upcoming in-house chip design. But given Intel's process roadmap, this means we likely won't be seeing Microsoft's new chip until 2025. While neither company disclosed the nature of said silicon, Microsoft did unveil its custom-made Azure Maia AI Accelerator and Azure Cobalt 100 CPU server chips last November, with an expected rollout some time "early" this year to bolster its own AI services. The Cobalt 100 is based on Arm architecture, and it just so happens that Intel has been optimizing its 18A process for Arm designs since April last year (it even became an Arm investor later), so there's a good chance that this collaboration may lead to the next-gen Cobalt CPU. In addition to the usual efficiency improvements as node size decreases, Intel 18A also offers "the industry's first backside power solution" which, according to IEEE's Spectrum, separates the power interconnect layer from the data interconnect layer at the top, and moves the former to beneath the silicon substrate as implied by the name. This apparently allows for improved voltage regulation and lower resistance, which in turn enable faster logic and lower power consumption, especially when applied to 3D stacking. Intel In Intel's Q4 earnings call, CEO Pat Gelsinger confirmed that "18A is expected to achieve manufacturing readiness in second half '24." Given that Intel's very own 18A-based processors "Clearwater Forest" for servers and "Panther Lake" for clients won't arrive until 2025, chances are it'll be a similar time frame for Microsoft's next chip. At Intel's event earlier today, the exec shared an extended Intel Foundry process technology roadmap, which features a new 14A (1.4nm) node enabled by ASML's "High-NA EUV" (high-numerical aperture extreme ultraviolet) lithography system. According to AnandTech, this 14A leap may help Intel play catchup after its late EUV adoption for its Intel 4 (7nm) node, though risk production won't take place until the end of 2026. Intel Foundry is the brainchild of Gelsinger, who launched this department right after he assumed the CEO role in February 2021, as part of his ambitious plan to put Intel up against the likes of TSMC and Samsung in the contract chip-making market. Before Microsoft, Intel Foundry's list of clients already include MediaTek, Qualcomm and Amazon. The company still aims to become "the second largest external foundry by 2030" in terms of manufacturing revenue, which it believes is achievable as early as this year.This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/microsofts-upcoming-custom-chip-will-be-made-by-intel-063323035.html?src=rss

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2024-02-22 04:00:16| Engadget

Samsung said Wednesday that the Galaxy S24s AI features will arrive on last years phones (including foldables) and tablets in late March. In January, Engadgets Sam Rutherford reported that the AI suite would soon be available on the Galaxy S23 series, Z Fold 5, Z Flip 5 and Tab S9. Todays announcement makes that device list official while adding the more specific arrival window of late March 2024. That group of 2023 devices will receive a software update next month with the AI features from the S24 series. Those include communication-based AI tricks like Chat Assist (adjusts message tone and translates messages), Live Translate (real-time voice and text translations) and Interpreter (split-screen translation for in-person conversations). Theyll also get the productivity-based AI features Circle to Search (search for anything on your screen by drawing a ring around it), Note Assist (formatting, summaries and translations of notes), Browsing Assist (summaries of news articles) and Transcript Assist (transcribe and summarize meeting recordings). Finally, image-based AI features coming to those devices include Generative Edit (reframe shots, move subjects around or delete and replace them), Edit Suggestion (recommended image tweaks), and Instant Slow-Mo (generate extra frames to transform a standard video into a slow-motion one). Photo by Sam Rutherford / Engadget The full list of devices receiving the update starting in March includes the Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+, Galaxy S23 Ultra, Galaxy S23 FE, Galaxy Z Fold 5, Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Galaxy Tab S9. But Samsung says you can expect more devices to join them later. This is only the beginning of Galaxy AI, as we plan to bring the experience to over 100 million Galaxy users within 2024 and continue to innovate ways to harness the unlimited possibilities of mobile AI, Samsung President TM Roh wrote in a press release. We were mostly impressed with the AI features in our Galaxy S24 Ultra review. While harnessing AI might not be a super exciting development now that everyone and their grandmother is trying to shoehorn it into everything, it does make the S24 Ultra a more powerful and well-rounded handset, Engadgets Sam Rutherford wrote in January. Although he noticed a few hiccups in the AI tools at launch, he found most of them to be a genuinely helpful complement to the phones high-end hardware. Samsung finally has an answer to the sophisticated features that were previously only available from the Pixel family, he wrote. Sure, the S24s tools arent quite as polished as Googles offerings, but they get you 80 to 90 percent of the way there.This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/your-older-s23-phone-will-get-samsungs-galaxy-ai-suite-in-late-march-030016691.html?src=rss

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2024-02-22 02:04:40| Engadget

Electric car maker Rivian announced on Wednesday that its laying off 10 percent of its salaried workforce to cut costs after facing a quarterly loss. The Amazon-backed company reported that it lost $1.5 billion in the fourth quarter of 2023 and said that it expects to build 57,000 electric vehicles in 2024, the same number it built last year.Our business is facing a challenging macroeconomic environment including historically high interest rates and geopolitical uncertainty and we need to make purposeful changes now to ensure our promising future, Rivians founder and CEO wrote to employees in an email, CNN reported. "We must strategically prioritize our growth areas of the business, including the launch of Peregrine and R2 as well as investing in our go-to-market capabilities." As part of its plans to cut costs, Rivian will shut down a factory in Illinois in the middle of this year and will upgrade its manufacturing line to boost production rates by 30 precent.The company is expected to unveil the R2, a compact SUV in the $40,000 to $60,000 range, on March 7, although deliveries of the vehicle wont start until 2026.This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/rivian-is-laying-off-10-percent-of-its-salaried-employees-010440428.html?src=rss

Category: Marketing and Advertising

2024-02-22 01:17:45| Engadget

The Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday issued a safety communication warning people to stay way from smartwatches and smart rings that claim to measure blood sugar levels without pricking the skin. The FDA has not authorized, cleared, or approved any smartwatch or smart ring that is intended to measure or estimate blood glucose values on its own, the agency wrote in the communication, and asked consumers, patients, and caregivers to stay away from such devices.Non invasive blood sugar monitoring isnt currently possible on any consumer device Popular wearables like the Apple Watch and the Oura ring can, instead, pair with FDA-authorized wearable devices like the Dexcom G7, which uses needles to read your blood sugar levels. Getting a smartwatch or a smart ring to monitor blood sugar levels without penetrating the skin would represent a huge medical advance, allowing people with diabetes, for instance, to stop pricking themselves each day, and alerting pre-diabetics.Both Apple and Samsung have reportedly been working on the tech for years. Last year, Bloomberg reported that Apples no-prick monitoring was at a proof-of-concept stage and could come to the market once the company managed to figure out how to shrink its size. Apple has been working on the project since 2010, although it will likely still be years before the technology is small enough to be built into the Apple Watch. Samsung, too, is exploring ways to build the technology into the Galaxy Ring, a product that the company recently announced.Until that time, be skeptical of any device that claims to do this right now. Current smartwatches and smart rings do not directly test blood glucose levels, the FDA writes. If you spot any company selling a device with these claims, you can report it to the FDA through the agencys MedWatch Voluntary Reporting Form.This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/dont-use-smartwatches-and-rings-that-claim-to-measure-blood-sugar-without-needles-the-fda-warns-001745875.html?src=rss

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2024-02-22 00:00:36| TRENDWATCHING.COM

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2024-02-21 20:30:38| Engadget

Despite quickly amassing more than 100 million users, Metas Threads hasnt exactly broken through to the zeitgeist the way its main rival, X/Twitter, did. Its arguably still awaiting its plane-on-the-Hudson moment. Nevertheless, Meta is doing what it can to bring attention to and keep eyes on the text-based platform, including by displaying popular threads on Facebook and Instagram. Its latest test is out of a previous playbook too. The company is toying with letting users cross post from Facebook to Threads with ease. That could eventually make it easier for heavy Facebook users and/or content creators to share their thoughts, videos and photos on Threads without much more effort. As it stands, some users can share text and link posts from Facebook to Threads. There's no guarantee that Meta will deploy the feature in the long term or expand it to include images. It makes sense for Meta to at least try this. Users have long been able to post stories and Reels to Facebook and Instagram simultaneously, so adding Threads to the mix is a logical step. Meta confirmed to TechCrunch that it's running the test, which is limited to iOS and isn't available in the EU.  The opt-in approach is far more sensible than automatically sharing a user's Threads posts on Facebook, which Meta was doing for a while to boost awareness of the former. People often have different identities on Facebook and Instagram/Threads, even if they're tied to the same account. They might not want a highly political Threads post or dirty joke to show up in their friends' and family's Facebook feeds. At least this way they'll have the option to share a post on both platforms.This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/meta-is-testing-cross-posts-from-facebook-to-threads-193038834.html?src=rss

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2024-02-21 20:19:17| Engadget

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) concluded Elon Musk ordered Twitter (now X) employees to take actions that would have violated an FTC consent decree regarding consumers data privacy and security. The investigation arose from the late 2022 episode informally known as The Twitter Files, where Musk ordered staff to let outside writers access internal documents from the companys systems. However, the FTC says Twitter security veterans took appropriate measures to protect consumers private information, likely sparing Musks company from government repercussions by ignoring his directive. FTC Chair Lina Khan discussed the conclusions in a public letter sent Tuesday to House Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan (via The Washington Post). Jordan and his Republican colleagues have tried to turn the FTCs investigation into a political wedge issue, framing the inquiry as a free speech violation perhaps to shore up GOP support from Musks legion of rabid supporters. Jordan and his peers previously described the investigation as attempts to harass, intimidate, and target an American business. Khans response to Jordan adopts a tone resembling that of a patient teacher explaining the nuance of a complicated situation to a child who insists on seeing simplistic absolutes. FTC staff efforts to ensure Twitter was in compliance with the Order were appropriate and necessary, especially given Twitters history of privacy and security lapses and the fact that it had previously violated the 2011 FTC Order, Khan wrote. When a firm has a history of repeat offenses, the FTC takes particular care to ensure compliance with its orders, the FTC Chair wrote. House Judiciary Chair Jim Jordan (R-OH)Tom Williams via Getty Images The FTCs investigation stemmed from allegations that Musk, newly minted as Twitters owner, ordered staff to give outside writers full access to everything in late 2022. Had staff obeyed Musks directive, the company likely would have violated a settlement with the FTC (originally from 2011 but updated in 2022) requiring the company to tightly restrict access to consumer data. In November 2022, the FTC said publicly it was monitoring Twitters developments following Musks acquisition with deep concern. That followed the resignation of chief information security officer Lea Kissner and other members of the companys data governance committee. They expressed concerns that Musks launch of a new account verification system didnt give them adequate time to deploy security reviews required by the FTC. Ultimately, Twitter security veterans ignored Musks full access to everything order. Longtime information security employees at Twitter intervened and implemented safeguards to mitigate the risks, Khan wrote in the letter. The FTCs investigation confirmed that staff was right to be concerned, given that Twitters new CEO had directed employees to take actions that would have violated the FTCs Order. FTC Chair Lina KhanSlaven Vlasic via Getty Images Rather than supplying outside writers with the full access Musk wanted them to have, Twitter employees accessed the systems and relayed select information to the group of outsiders. Ultimately the third-party individuals did not receive direct access to Twitters systems, but instead worked with other company employees who accessed the systems on the individuals behalf, Khan wrote. The FTC says it will continue to monitor Xs adherence to the order. When we heard credible public reports of potential violations of protections for Twitter users data, we moved swiftly to investigate, FTC spokesman Douglas Farrar said in a statement to The Washington Post. The order remains in place and the FTC continues to deploy the orders tools to protect Twitter users data and ensure the company remains in compliance.This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/ftc-concludes-twitter-didnt-violate-data-security-rules-in-spite-of-musks-orders-191917132.html?src=rss

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2024-02-21 19:24:07| Engadget

One of the worst-kept secrets in gaming is now official. Former Xbox exclusive Hi-Fi Rush is coming to PS5 on March 19. Many expected the announcement to come during Wednesday's Nintendo Direct, which focused on third-party games, but Bethesda confirmed the news a few hours later.  It emerged during the Direct that Pentiment and Grounded were Switch-bound. Both titles are also coming to PS4 and PS5 on February 22 and April 16, respectively. Grounded will have cross-play support between Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and PC.    Meanwhile, Microsoft revealed that the fourth game making the jump to other platforms is Sea of Thieves, which is coming to PS5 on April 30. It will support cross-play between PS5, Xbox and PC. Hi-Fi Rush debuted in early 2023 when Microsoft announced and released the game on Xbox and PC on the same day. The rhythm-based beat-'em-up quickly found a fan base in large part thanks to its killer visuals and soundtrack the fact it was immediately available on Game Pass at no extra cost helped too.  The PS5 version will include all content, including the two extra modes from the Arcade Challenge update. A digital deluxe edition will include more cosmetics and grant you additional Gears to splurge on upgrades. Microsoft is looking to improve the bottom line of its gaming division. In recent months, the company has carried out mass layoffs and folded in Activision Blizzard revenue to help it do that. Perhaps in line with that strategy, Xbox leaders recently confirmed rumors that they were going to release some more first party games on "the other consoles." They revealed earlier this month that four games would cross the great divide but declined to mention their titles, other than to confirm Starfield and Indiana Jones and the Great Circle would not be among them.  The four games have all been out on Xbox and PC for at least a year and have reached their "full potential" on those platforms, Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer said. Two (Grounded and Sea of Thieves) are community-driven/multiplayer games. The others are "smaller games that were never really meant to be built as kind of platform exclusives." Hi-Fi Rush fits in the latter category, given that it was in development long before Microsoft bought ZeniMax Media, the parent of both studio Tango Gameworks and publisher Bethesda Softworks. This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/xboxs-hi-fi-rush-is-coming-to-ps5-on-march-19-182218568.html?src=rss

Category: Marketing and Advertising

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