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2022-06-23 21:58:54| digg

Used car prices are up nearly 17 percent more than last year. Here's a state-wise breakdown.

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2022-06-23 21:51:56| Engadget

The much-delayed remaster of the classic Blade Runner adventure game is finally here. As Polygonreports, Nightdive Studios has released Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition for Windows PCs (via Steam) as well as PlayStation, Switch and Xbox consoles. The modernized version runs at 60 frames per second instead of the original's 15FPS, complete with updated animations and models. Improved in-game tools help you work with clues as you track down hostile replicants, and gamepad support is available on all platforms.Westwood's 1997 game pushed the boundaries of both gameplay and graphics at the time. Instead of the usual fixed plot, Blade Runner changed the replicant with each playthrough while offering branching storylines, different outcomes and characters that operate on their own timetables. You couldn't just cut to the chase and 'retire' the android at the start. And instead of relying on either 2D art or crude 3D, the title used voxels (pixels with 3D attributes) that allowed far more visual detail for the era, including volumetric lighting that mimicked the Ridley Scott movie's gritty look.You'll still notice the limitations from 25 years ago. This won't control as elegantly as present-day games, and Westwood's budget limited it to only some voices from the movie cast (including Sean Young and James Hong) and recreated music from Vangelis' score. Even so, this remains the closest you'll get to filling Deckard's shoes in a game while preserving the 1982 film's atmosphere.

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2022-06-23 21:45:54| Engadget

A Plague Tale: Requiem the sequel to the 2019 game that features a pair of siblings fleeing Spanish Inquisition soldiers (as well as plague-ridden rats) will arrive on October 18th. Publisher Focus Entertainment and developer Asobo released a lengthy trailer today that features over ten minutes of gameplay through the brutal world of a war-torn France from several centuries ago. Siblings Amicia and Hugo are now a few years older and more skilled at getting out of tough scrapes. The game follows the pair as they fight their way through mercenary bands, ambushes, murderous soldiers and disease-ridden rodents.Xbox Gamepass subscribers should note that the game will be available on the service on the same day of its launch, a nice perk that Microsoft continues to do with more titles (Asobo is also the developer of Microsoft Flight Simulator, which is also on Game Pass). Nintendo Switch owners can also look forward to a cloud version of Requiem. And of course, the game will be available for purchase on Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PCs.In a blog post, the games lead writer Sébastien Renard shed more light on what fans can expect in the sequel. Hugo, the younger sibling, has magical powers that are developing throughout the game and the elder sister Amica has honed her fighting skills. But even greater and more daunting obstacles lay ahead for the pair. Our heroes will face their inner conflicts together with external ones. To begin with, they will discover a new part of France, Provence, which will offer new sights and sensations, leading them to believe in a kind of paradise. Unfortunately, the harsh medieval reality inevitably catches up, and their hopes vanish before they can get too comfortable, wrote Renard.You can get a closer look at Requiem in the trailer below.

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