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Tag: flying

Germany plans to test Airbus and Audi's flying taxi concept

2018-06-21 00:04:00| Engadget

The Pop.Up Next flying taxi from Airbus and Audi should soon become much more than a well-meaning concept. The German government has signed a letter of intent greenlighting tests for the flying taxi around Audi's home city of Ingolstadt. Transport...

Tags test germany plans concept

Flying cars: why haven't they taken off yet?

2018-06-19 07:00:05| Guardian Unlimited Business - more business news

Despite their potential, no one has managed to take them from flight of fancy to everyday reality In 1940, Henry Ford said: Mark my words a combination aeroplane and motor car is coming. With flying taxis apparently on the way, it looks like he was right, but what a wait. Eight decades years later, dude, wheres my flying car? is shorthand for any stuff they promised us that we havent got.We have always wanted to fly, so, as soon as cars came on to the scene, we wanted those to fly too. Early blueprints for the US interstate highway grid even had adjacent runways ready for flying cars. But those never came. Now that concept of the flying car seems quaint or naive, a 20th-century dream fuelled by decades of sci-fi and the Jetsons, as obsolete as the model T. Yet as well see, something just as good may take its place. Continue reading...

Tags yet cars flying flying cars

This Video Made From Real Mars Data Will Make You Feel Like You're Flying Over the Red Planet

2018-06-18 20:40:00| Gizmodo

There are lots of incredible things you can do with data. Like make this incredible animation of the Martian surface, for example.Read more...

Tags the make made video

Four Reasons We Dont Have Flying CarsYet

2018-06-15 13:00:00| Wired News: Top Stories

The technological hurdles facing the development of aircraft for urban mobility systems like UberAIR are massive, but not insurmountable.

Tags reasons flying

Contest Aims to Lift Personal Flying Machines Off the Page

2018-06-14 16:00:04| Business - International Herald Tribune

More than 100 entries include designs that look like motorcycles with propellers and giant airboats. Next: actually building one.

Tags page personal machines contest


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