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No, I Won't Become 'Acting Manager' -- Not Without A Pay Raise

2018-05-22 00:56:00| Forbes.com News

Val has been asked to stand in for her manager Gabby when Gabby takes her maternity leave. However, she's been asked to become Acting Manager without a penny of extra compensation! What would you do?

Tags not without pay manager

Psychedelic Bamboozle: Want To Learn 255 Ways To Get High Without Drugs?

2018-05-20 23:09:00| Forbes.com News

Are there really ways to get high without drugs?

Tags high without learn ways

A New Policy at Starbucks: People Can Sit Without Buying Anything

2018-05-20 22:15:30| Business - International Herald Tribune

Weeks after two black men were arrested at a cafe in Philadelphia, the company said people can sit down or use the restroom without making a purchase.

Tags policy people without anything

Taking Maternity Leave? Heres How to Take Time Off Without Stress

2018-05-19 14:32:00| Fool.com Headlines

Stepping away from your duties is easier said than done. Here are some steps you can take in advance to make your maternity leave less worrisome from a work perspective.

Tags time without leave taking

Won An Award? 12 Ways To Publicize It (Without Bragging)

2018-05-18 13:45:00| Forbes.com News

Here's how Forbes Agency Council members recommend announcing your award in the most beneficial way.

Tags without won ways award


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