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Tag: orbit

Virgin Orbit will launch small satellites for the UK military

2019-07-19 14:28:00| Engadget

Virgin Orbit, the small satellite launch arm of Virgin Galactic, will provide launch capabilities for the UK's Royal Air Force (RAF). Virgin has been angling for government contracts recently and has managed to land a project called Artemis "to demon...

Tags small uk military virgin

NASA backs demo that will 3D-print spacecraft parts in orbit

2019-07-14 22:48:00| Engadget

NASA is expanding its efforts to bring 3D printing to space. The agency has given Made In Space a $73.3 million contract to demonstrate the ability to 3D-print spacecraft parts in orbit using Archinaut One (shown above), a robotic manufacturing ship...

Tags parts demo nasa backs

Virgin Orbit Just Dropped a Rocket From a Boeing 747

2019-07-10 18:43:40| Wired News: Top Stories

Richard Branson's air-launch system is getting very close to opening for business after successfully completing one of its last big tests.

Tags virgin dropped rocket orbit

Virgin Orbit preps the LauncherOne rocket for its first drop test

2019-07-10 08:12:00| Engadget

Virgin Orbit has gotten the thumbs up to conduct the LauncherOne system's first drop test, and it can happen "in the very near future." The Virgin Group's launch services company has successfully completed its final captive carry flight test, almost...

Tags test drop virgin rocket


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