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AK Steel and Steel Dynamics Stocks Downgraded: What You Need to Know

2019-05-23 23:23:33| Fool.com Headlines

The end of steel tariffs is bad news for both companies -- but debt worries could be even worse.

Tags to you know steel

The Unexpected Inside Of A Coke Can Once You Dissolve The Aluminum

2019-05-22 23:46:56| digg

If you thought your soft drink can was made up of aluminum alone, you're in for a surprise.

Tags the you inside aluminum

Get A Load Of This Gecko's Camouflage If You Can Spot It

2019-05-22 18:28:16| digg

Good luck to all the predators in Madagascar trying to hunt mossy leaf-tailed geckos.

Tags it you load spot

Where The Algorithms Can't Find You

2019-05-22 03:05:22| digg

Default Filename feels quietly radical in 2019. The project imagines a YouTube without recommendation algorithms that think you only want to watch beauty tutorials, Avengers outtakes or product unboxings. It's a glimpse of a timeline where Google and Facebook didn't create and capitalize on a vast economy of tracking, prediction and control.

Tags you find algorithms

So Your Workplace Is Toxic: How Can You Fix It?

2019-05-21 20:08:41| Knowledge@Wharton

Many workers believe that toxicity has become the new normal at work and there is a lot that employees and managers can do to combat it.

Tags it you fix toxic


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