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Tag: hours

U.S. Workers Spend 226 Hours a Year Commuting, Data Shows

2019-10-17 14:18:00| Fool.com Headlines

Here's how to spend less time on the road and more time doing the things you want and need to do.

Tags year data hours shows

How Unpredictable Work Hours Turn Families Upside Down

2019-10-16 11:00:16| Business - International Herald Tribune

Shifts added or subtracted at short notice play havoc with budgets and lives, and disproportionately hurt black and Hispanic women.

Tags work hours turn families

Human Guinea Pigs Prepare For The World’s Longest Direct Flight: 20 Hours

2019-10-15 22:46:46| digg

Fresh insight into the physical and emotional toll of ultra-long-haul travel should emerge this weekend when Qantas Airways Ltd. flies direct from New York to Sydney. No airline has ever completed that route without stopping.

Tags hours direct human prepare

Here’s The Amazing Moment When Eliud Kipchoge Became The First Person To Run A Marathon Under Two Hours

2019-10-12 15:57:10| digg

It was once considered beyond what was humanly possible but Eliud Kipchoge showed the world he could do it at the INEOS 1:59 Challenge.

Tags under two person hours

Two teenage boys killed in the space of five hours in London as knife crime crisis continues

2019-10-12 01:03:11| Telegraph Business

Tags hours space london crime


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