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Tag: stop

Cops put a stop to Amazon's 30-cent 'Mrs. Maisel' gas promo

2019-08-15 22:32:00| Engadget

Promotions for streaming shows have been known to backfire, but Amazon might not be complaining too loudly about this incident. Santa Monica police made Amazon suspend a one-day Marvelous Mrs. Maisel promotion that charged people 30 cents for gas at...

Tags put stop gas mrs

Why It's Time To Stop Worrying About The Decline Of The English Language

2019-08-15 20:08:28| digg

People often complain that English is deteriorating under the influence of new technology, adolescent fads and loose grammar. Why does this nonsensical belief persist?

Tags the time english language

When Did Drive-Thrus Stop Being Convenient?

2019-08-15 15:13:10| digg

They are less efficient and more involved. What's the point?

Tags stop convenient drivethrus

US makes last minute intervention to try to stop release of Iranian oil tanker in Gibraltar

2019-08-15 11:46:53| Telegraph Business

Tags makes release stop minute

What to do when the robocalls won't stop

2019-08-14 20:10:00| Engadget

You recognize it the moment you pick up the phone. The quiet beat before a clearly pre-recorded message speaks ominously about your social security number getting cancelled. Or perhaps it's a call trying to sell you health insurance, or a getaway vac...

Tags stop wont robocalls


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