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Tag: black

Just Reading About Four Loko's New 14 Percent ABV Seltzer Could Make You Black Out

2019-08-14 23:03:18| digg

White Claw may be law, But Four Loko is anarchy.

Tags you out make black

America Wasn't A Democracy, Until Black Americans Made It One

2019-08-14 21:02:31| digg

Our founding ideals of liberty and equality were false when they were written. For generations, black Americans have fought to make them true.

Tags one made black america

Our Galaxy's Supermassive Black Hole Has Emitted A Mysteriously Bright Flare

2019-08-12 20:19:02| digg

"The black hole was so bright I at first mistook it for the star S0-2, because I had never seen Sgr A* that bright. Over the next few frames, though, it was clear the source was variable and had to be the black hole."

Tags black bright hole flare

Why Stanley Black & Decker Looks Like a Good Long-Term Value Now

2019-08-12 12:04:00| Fool.com Headlines

The toolmaker's second quarter did a lot to reassure investors that the company can meet its long-term aims.

Tags good now black value

Modi has a message for 'growth ambassadors', 'tax black sheep': 10 key highlights from PM's interview

2019-08-12 07:30:08| The Economic Times

PM reassured all honest and law-abiding businesses that govt will make all possible effort to end the tax terrorism.

Tags from message black key


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