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Tag: heard

Canada: Don't Believe What You've Heard: Provincial Statutory Trusts Do Survive Bankruptcy - Lenczner Slaght LLP

2019-01-21 07:57:10| Mondaq.Com

A five-judge panel of the Court of Appeal for Ontario has upset the long-standing conventional wisdom among bankruptcy and insolvency practitioners

Tags canada heard bankruptcy survive

The 73-Year-Old Fighting To Revive The Martial Art You've Never Heard Of

2019-01-16 16:04:16| digg

You probably haven't heard of Cambodia's bokator, which lacks the profile of Korea's taekwondo or Thailand's muay thai. San Kim Sean wants to change that.

Tags of art heard fighting

You Haven't Heard Of The First Great Meme Of 2019... And It Shows

2019-01-15 21:56:58| digg

Everyone had different experiences growing up. But if you lived a different life that the person behind this meme, you're the punchline, bucko.

Tags it great shows heard

Gunshots heard in hotel at upscale complex in Kenyan capital

2019-01-15 14:12:03| Telegraph Business

Tags hotel capital complex heard

You've Heard Of Silicon Valley, Here's A Peek Into Watch Valley

2019-01-12 16:13:29| digg

La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, is the manufacturing home of luxury watches. Rolex, Patek Phiippe and Tissot, are just some of the luxe timepieces made here.

Tags watch heard valley silicon


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