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Tag: solve

Acoustic cameras which can catch noisy supercars are needed to solve "crisis" warns councillor 

2019-08-09 21:11:21| Telegraph Business

Tags needed cameras catch solve

Seattle Is Trying A Transportation Experiment With Buses And Publicly Funded Ride-Hailing Could It Solve Their Congestion?

2019-08-08 23:03:07| digg

The Emerald City is attempting to integrate the accessibility of ride-sharing within its public transit system.

Tags it their transportation seattle

Crispr Can Help Solve Our Looming Food CrisisHere's How

2019-08-08 19:41:40| Wired News: Top Stories

There's not enough land to feed everyone on Earth without ruining the climate, a new IPCC report shows. Gene-edited crops could help reduce agriculture's footprint.

Tags how food solve looming

Inside DeepMind's Epic Mission To Solve Science's Trickiest Problem

2019-08-07 16:44:52| digg

DeepMind's AI has beaten chess grandmasters and Go champions. But founder and CEO Demis Hassabis now has his sights set on bigger, real-world problems that could change lives

Tags problem inside mission sciences

Flatpacked homes: can modular buildings solve the UK's housing crisis?

2019-08-06 15:56:59| Guardian Unlimited Business - more business news

Emerging players in the construction sector are introducing greater numbers of factory-built homes into the UK market, but experts say this needs to be accompanied by industry-wide reformModular housing is on the brink of a major milestone. Construction is under way of the worlds tallest towers built using modular manufacturing, a method by which houses or blocks of flats are built in sections offsite in a factory. Rather than gracing the skyline of Singapore or Beijing, the two towers, which will be 38 and 44 storeys high and contain 546 flats, are to be built in the London borough of Croydon.Ben Derbyshire, the chair of HTA Design LLP, the architecture practice behind the Croydon towers, and president of the Royal Institute of British Architects, believes modular construction in the UK is at a turning point. Confidence is now building and the capacity to construct homes in this way is emerging. So we will see it becoming less niche and more mainstream, he says. Continue reading...

Tags homes housing buildings solve


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