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Tag: turned

Audrey Kitching Is A Myspace Queen Turned Energy Healer. Critics Say She's Also A Fraud

2019-02-19 19:17:38| digg

How does Kitching, or any healer-influencer-prophet like her, make a living? It's not quite what it seems.

Tags energy turned queen myspace

How Rafale has turned the spotlight on file notings

2019-02-16 18:30:00| The Economic Times

How Rafale has turned the spotlight on file notingsThey are usually short handwritten observations by bureaucrats on the contents of a document as it moves up the chain of command.

Tags file turned spotlight rafale

Will Smith Bashfully Explains Why He Turned Down Playing Neo In 'The Matrix'

2019-02-14 23:06:34| digg

It's OK, Will. We forgive you. Really.

Tags the playing smith turned

How plastic bottles that get turned into textiles are transforming the fashion industry

2019-02-14 18:00:25| Fast Company

Get a better understanding of how something you toss in the recycling bin turns into something you can wear. “Around four years ago, we as a company were on this trajectory of manufacturing more and more, and I just had a little bit of a breakdown about that–I didn’t want to keep doing this unless we could find a way to change every aspect of what we were doing,” says designer Mara Hoffman, one of the major players in the fashion industry who has begun integrating recycled plastic bottles into her fabrics.Read Full Story

Tags the industry fashion turned

I Asked Wall Street Insiders Whether They'd Prefer Elizabeth Warren Or Donald Trump. It Turned Out To Be A Hard Question

2019-02-12 21:15:31| digg

There was a lot of "none of the above."

Tags to question street hard


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