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Tag: yourself

The Marriott Data Breach: How to Protect Yourself

2018-12-05 16:19:00| Fool.com Headlines

Consumers shouldn't panic, but there are some important things to know.

Tags data yourself protect breach

This Is The Shortest Workout You Can Do To Cheer Yourself Up

2018-12-04 18:24:11| digg

Researchers found that many studies supported the idea that a mere ten minutes' worth of exercise is sufficient to boost one's mood and, perhaps even better news, they found little evidence to support the mood-improving benefits of exercise beyond the 30-minute mark.

Tags to up yourself workout

Why Data Breaches Should Scare You, and How to Protect Yourself

2018-12-03 14:19:00| Fool.com Headlines

Data breaches are occurring so often that U.S. consumers are beginning to shrug them off. This economic-crimes detective thinks that's a mistake.

Tags to data yourself protect

The Marriott Hack: How to Protect Yourself

2018-11-30 17:59:17| Wired News: Top Stories

Up to 500 people's personal information has been stolen in a Marriott hack that lasted four years, one of the biggest breaches yet.

Tags yourself protect hack marriott

Want a raise? Ask yourself these questions first

2018-11-30 12:00:54| Fast Company

From understanding where you fit in the marketplace, to what you should ask for. It’s that time of year again: a time to wrap up year-end projects, check key goals off your list, and face the often-daunting but necessary process of negotiating a raise at work. But rather than dive head first into that discussion, be sure to run through the following questions ahead of time.Read Full Story

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