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Tag: space

A Meeting in Orbit Demonstrates a Space Junk Solution

2020-02-26 19:33:56| Business - International Herald Tribune

Two satellites docked together high above Earth on Tuesday, successfully extending the life of one that was running out of fuel.

Tags space solution meeting demonstrates

Virgin Galactic sees demand for space travel surge

2020-02-26 06:54:32| BBC News | Business | World Edition

Sir Richard Branson's firm says it is releasing more tickets for flights into space.

Tags travel space demand virgin

This Demonstration Of The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra's 100x 'Space Zoom' Is Wild

2020-02-25 19:16:43| digg

Samsung's latest flagship phone — the Galaxy S20 Ultra — packs in a powerful zoom function, which one user showed off at an NBA game.

Tags space samsung wild zoom

The Space Force's Second-In-Command Explains What The Hell It Actually Does

2020-02-25 18:37:26| digg

Hint: Think less "Star Wars," and more, well, the usual war stuff.

Tags does space forces hell

Man Builds A Space Rocket Out Of 1 Million Matches And Lights It

2020-02-22 18:17:17| digg

A YouTuber shows the many hours it took to build a space rocket made entirely out of matches — only to quickly watch it burn into oblivion after a few short minutes.

Tags it man million space


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