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Tag: life

If We Made Life In A Lab, Would We Understand It Differently?

2018-08-19 00:57:31| digg

What is life? For much of the 20th century, this question did not particularly concern biologists.

Tags it we made life

Brands Are Dipping Into Life Coaching And Sex Advice

2018-08-16 22:45:05| digg

Lola tampons, Coach and more are offering life advice with your purchase.

Tags life sex advice brands

Serendipity in Life and in Markets

2018-08-16 15:26:08| GoldSeek.com News

I am back in the literary engine room after a two-week boating excursion into northern Georgian Bay complete with forest fires, travel restrictions and mechanical malfunctionsall part and parcel of navigating the ever-steepening learning curve of boating. As an individual trained in finance, nothing is more terrifying than turning on your marine generator only to see blue smoke pour out of the exhaust pipe.

Tags in life markets serendipity

The Conflicted Life Of A True Crime Fan

2018-08-16 15:00:54| digg

I find myself increasingly concerned by the passive, joyful reception of prison sentences. I find myself deeply disturbed by auditoriums full of people cheering for death penalties, applauding the impending murder of anyone marked criminal.

Tags life true fan crime

The Good Life

2018-08-16 09:00:00| Advertising Age - Homepage

By the late 19th century, the tobacco industry was in full bloom. The Civil War was over, cigarettes were easily mass produced and smoking had become an integral part of the good life. In 1890, for example, The American Tobacco Co. reported sales of $25 million, a number that would skyrocket to $316 million by 1903.The 19th century also saw the concurrent rise of a middle-class "domestic ethic" of kindness to animals, documented in the 2006 book "Pets in America," by Katherine C. Grier, who charts the post-Civil War rise of the pet industry. So while it may seem odd to our modern eyes to see tobacco and hounds lumped together in ads, dogs and cigs were becoming man's best friendsat the same time.Bulldogs, especially, were popular, which probably explains the macho mastiff of J.B. Pace's Mastiff Plug Cut, dating to the late 1800s. The Young Swell, from 1869, hits a somewhat more genteel, aspirational tone for both man and pooch alike, all fancy monocle and high collar. The ad for Gold Flake does one better than the Young Swell's anthropomorphization by seeming to show a satisfied lady next to a supplicant dog that not only, we presume, is the satisfier, but is smoking a self-congratulatory pipe. Continue reading at AdAge.com

Tags good life


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