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Tag: inside

Inside Valerie Plame's Spy Convention

2019-02-19 19:17:38| digg

Ex-CIA spooks talk Trump-Russia, JFK and more at Valerie Plame's inaugural espionage conference.

Tags inside convention spy valerie

Inside the Alexa-Friendly World of Wikidata

2019-02-18 12:00:00| Wired News: Top Stories

Virtual assistants do their jobs better thanks to Wikidata, which aims to (eventually) represent everything in the universe in a way computers can understand.

Tags world inside world inside inside world

Inside The Resistance Movement Opposing Daniel Ortega's Trans-Nicaragua Canal

2019-02-17 15:11:28| digg

With his trans-Nicaragua canal, President Daniel Ortega dreams of outdoing the Panama Canal. But in the village of Bangkukuk Taik, and across the country, a resistance movement is protecting indigenous culture and the environmentand exposing the grandiose project's ties to a mysterious Chinese businessman.

Tags inside daniel movement resistance

Inside Nike's DIY studio for Snapchat selfie filters

2019-02-15 22:41:00| Engadget

Snapchat's Lens Studio, which lets anyone create their own augmented reality filters, has been a big hit for the company. There are now more than 250,000 Lenses created by independent users, and those have been viewed over 15 billion times. Still, Sn...

Tags inside studio diy filters

Video dispatch: Inside the Syrian 'Camp of Death' holding thousands of foreign women and children

2019-02-15 18:35:53| Telegraph Business

Tags video children women inside


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