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Tag: well

Professional Rock Climber Tries The USA Navy Seals Fitness Test. Here's How Well He Fared

2020-07-30 21:19:41| digg

Magnus Midtb, a retired competitive rock climber, decided to give the USA Navy Seals fitness test a shot.

Tags well usa test rock

Driver Straps Mattress Precariously To Truck. Things Go As Well As Expected

2020-07-28 22:19:08| digg

Truck meets mattress. Truck needs mattress. Truck immediately loses mattress at intersection.

Tags well things expected driver

Survey reveals presence of Antibodies: A quarter of Delhi can fight Covid, but how well?

2020-07-25 07:23:24| The Economic Times

In all, 21,387 people across Delhis 11 districts underwent the serological survey, which revealed that antibodies were present in 23.5% of the population. This survey is being planned to find out the quality of antibodies and its sustainability to help the government in its Covid management efforts.

Tags how well survey presence


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