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2018-07-12 07:26:48| CNNMoney.com

ZTE shares spiked more than 20% after the US government announced the Chinese company will soon clear the last major hurdle to removing a crippling ban.

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2018-07-12 06:24:42| GoldSeek.com News

I expect higher physical demand in Asia to prevent further crashes. Use the current correction in gold and silver to invest for yearend or for a period of two years. I have been advising a ten percent investment in physical gold and silver. I am now asking you to increase the same to fifteen percent of your long-term investment.

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2018-07-12 06:24:42| GoldSeek.com News

The sale was for $11 million dollars ($3 million in gold with the balance financed with bonds). The Louisiana territory consisted of 530,000,000 acres of land which worked out to a little over 2 cents per acre. The modern equivalent would be about 57 cents per acre. Stay out of debt, stay liquid and keep some gold on hand. You never know when you may stumble onto the deal of this century.

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