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2019-08-19 15:56:29| Guardian Unlimited Business - more business news

The US presidents talk of a large real estate deal says a lot about his view of the world Greenland, and more specifically its purchase by the US, is being actively discussed in Donald Trumps Oval Office. But what exactly is it that makes one of the worlds most desolate places such an attractive proposition?For the president, it is the real estate deal of a lifetime, one that would secure a land mass a quarter the size of the US and cement his place in US history alongside President Andrew Johnson, who bought Alaska from Russia in 1867, and Thomas Jefferson, who secured Louisiana from the French in 1803. Continue reading...

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2019-08-19 15:12:46| Guardian Unlimited Business - more business news

Business Roundtable urges companies to consider environment and workersOne of the most influential US business lobby groups has abandoned its central ethos that the interests of shareholders should always come first in a reversal of the rules that have driven US capitalism for decades.The Business Roundtable (BRT), whose members include the chief executives of huge corporations ranging from Apple to ExxonMobil, urged companies on Monday to consider the environment and workers wellbeing alongside the pursuit of profits, in a new statement of purpose which ranks shareholders as just one of five key stakeholders, alongside customers, workers, suppliers and communities. Continue reading...

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2019-08-19 14:15:17| Guardian Unlimited Business - more business news

Im a Jersey resident and hear that if I live in my UK house for a year, I dont have to payQ I live in Jersey in the Channel Islands and am looking at selling a house in the UK that I have been renting out for more than 15 years. I have been told that if I were to live in my house in the UK for a year and then sell it, I would not be liable to capital gains tax. Or is it not that simple?RWA Its not that simple. And even if you did move in and you made it genuinely your main home rather than a temporary residence for the purpose of avoiding tax doing so would only reduce the capital gains tax (CGT) bill by a bit rather than eradicating it entirely. Making an ex-rental property genuinely your home and HM Revenue & Customs wont just take your word for it means that part of any gain you make when you come to sell will qualify for whats called private residence relief which means that the gain that relates to the period of time that it was your home (or 18 months if this is longer) is tax free. To work out how much of the gain would be tax free, you take the number of months you used the property as your home (or 18 if greater) and divide this by the number of months you owned the property which gives you the fraction of the gain that is tax free. So in your case, assuming you sell after 16 years of owning and one year of living in the property, the fraction would be 18/192 or, to put it another way, less than 10%. It will be even less than that when the rules change on 6 April 2020, when 18 goes down to nine. Continue reading...

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2019-08-19 13:32:27| Guardian Unlimited Business - more business news

About one third of the companies have cut pension pay for new executive hiresPay for FTSE 100 bosses fell to a five-year low last year and could drop further as firms bow to investor anger over bumper pension payouts.Median total pay for bosses of the UKs largest listed firms stood at 3.4m in 2018, compared with 4m a year earlier, according to Deloitte. It is the lowest level since 2014, when UK rules first required companies to report a single figure for chief executive pay. That year, median pay packages totalled 4.4m. Continue reading...

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2019-08-19 12:29:34| Guardian Unlimited Business - more business news

Advertising Standards Authority to investigate whether claims breach codeThe first hostilities have broken out among telecoms rivals over who offers the best 5G to customers, with EE seeking an advertising ban against claims by Three UK that it offers the only real next-generation service.BT-owned EE is understood to have lodged a complaint with the advertising watchdog over an ad campaign by Three UK implying that 5G services offered by rivals are inferior. Continue reading...

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