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2019-12-05 15:43:39| GoldSeek.com News

I can remember there were times during the PM complex bull market before 2011 that sometimes the PM metals would rally but the PM stocks were very weak. Then there were times when the PM stock would rise while the PM metals moved very little. At the time of those occurrences it was bewildering as common sense suggested they should all move together and the stronger the metals moved so should the PM stocks. I dont have a good answer for the bifurcation at times only that it can happen. This first chart for tonight is the old ratio combo chart which has the Gold:XAU ratio on top with the XAU on the bottom. When the ratio is rising gold is outperforming the XAU. Going all the way back to 1996 you can see that gold outperformed the XAU in parabolic fashion until the top in January of 2016 which lasted about 20 years. When that 20 year parabolic arc gave way in early 2016 that broke the back of gold outperforming the XAU.

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2019-12-05 15:34:44| GoldSeek.com News

I do not buy anything Trump is saying in front of NATO, for the press, in negotiations in his trade-deals. Next round of sanctions with China is nearing and will know more soon. Gold still not over the key 18-week moving average, negative bias remains..

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2019-12-05 08:22:33| GoldSeek.com News

Gold and silver would have skyrocketed yesterday but for news of nearing of a trade deal. US November private ADP numbers stood at 67,000. If nonfarm payrolls on Friday matches ADP, then chances of interest rate cut in next week FOMC could be very high. Gold just corrected on trade deal news while silver fell. Crude oil zoomed. Trump has a history of flip-flop, unless a trade deal is actually signed gold prices will remain firm.

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2019-12-04 18:23:17| GoldSeek.com News

As the global economy, including the U.S. economy notwithstanding the insistence to the contrary by the Fed and Trump, continues to contract its quite probable that CLOs/leveraged loans will begin to melt-down Chernobyl-style. Referring back to the SPX/CLO bond price chart above, in my view theres no coincidence that the Feds intervention in the repo market commenced at about the same time the triple-B CLO bonds began to take a dive. That price decline is even more pronounced for the tranches with ratings below triple-BBB. To be sure, CLOs are not the only financial wildfire outbreak targeted by the Feds money printing, but I would wager a healthy amount of gold coins that distress in the CLO market is one of the primary troubles right now. And the problem is magnified when you take into account the credit default swap transactions wrapped around these CLO trusts. These derivative trades also require an increasing amount of collateral as CLO tranche distress escalates.

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2019-12-04 18:17:47| GoldSeek.com News

However, a day is coming when these Banks will be faced with a margin call of true physical delivery for the unallocated and fantasy "gold exposure" that they have created over the past 45 years. Don't allow yourself to be a bag-holder. Take immediate physical delivery or move your metal to a trusted custodian outside of the banking system. There are now multiple countries that have repatriated their physical gold from London and the other banking centers. If these countries don't trust the Bullion Banks, why should you? Heed their warning and repatriate your personal gold as soon as possible.

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