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2019-04-24 15:21:58| GoldSeek.com News

Having artfully freaked out a whole bunch of investors by breaching nearby support and dropping quite sharply, so that they have panicked and scurried over to the wrong side of the boat again, the PM sector appears to be in the process of reversing to the upside now right where we would expect it to at the lower boundary of its main upside channel, which we can see to advantage on the 1-year chart for GDX below.

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2019-04-24 09:13:47| GoldSeek.com News

Recent COT reports show the commercials doing aggressive buying of both gold and silver COMEX contracts. Thats positive but it doesnt reduce account drawdowns for gold stock investors. The bottom line is that physical market demand softness is likely to continue into the summer but a big relief rally for the entire precious metals sector is imminent!

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2019-04-24 09:07:38| GoldSeek.com News

The bull market has gone vertical, suggesting stocks are in a blowoff phase. Where will it end? Well hazard a guess simply because its irresistible fun, and because one of these days were going to get it right. Let me therefore offer 2953.50 for the June contract, or 2974.25 if any higher.

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2019-04-24 09:03:10| GoldSeek.com News

Daily gold market showing it falling apart... (video update)

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2019-04-24 08:01:01| GoldSeek.com News

I believe that the fall in gold prices is good for gold jewelry demand in Asia. Prices are still very high in my view all over Asia. The more the correction in Asian gold prices, the more the demand in Asia. There will be a slight dip in gold demand around 6th May in Islamic nations as the fasting month of Ramadan begins.

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