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2018-03-20 19:06:00| Gizmodo

Its no secret that for just about everyone but Facebook and Google, online ad revenue is on the decline. Thats forced some of the biggest news publications, including The New York Times and The Atlantic, to limit free content and install paywalls. Its hard to blame them, as quality content deserves fairRead more...

Category: Marketing and Advertising


2018-03-20 18:40:00| Gizmodo

Cockroaches have been one of humanitys most unwanted, yet admirably persistent, roommates for thousands of years. But despite our reluctant intimacy, theres still a lot we dont understand about these insects. A new study, published today in Nature Communication, unpacks the genes that make roaches tickand helpsRead more...

Category: Marketing and Advertising


2018-03-20 18:30:00| Gizmodo

The travel fare website Orbitz said on Tuesday that as many as 880,000 payment cards were impacted by a security breach, warning that hackers may have also accessed the personal information of its customers.Read more...

Category: Marketing and Advertising


2018-03-20 18:20:00| Gizmodo

Federal lawmakers are now calling for Mark Zuckerberg to personally testify before Congress after bombshell reports revealed late last week that the shadowy political consultancy Cambridge Analytica acquired personal information on as many as 50 million Facebook users, many without their explicit permission.Read more...

Category: Marketing and Advertising


2018-03-20 18:11:00| Gizmodo

Delta is now implicated in the unnerving string of recent dog mishaps thats rattled Americas skies. On Saturday, the airline was supposed to send a six-week-old dog named Ren from a breeder in Virginia to Boise, Idaho. Instead, the poor pup went to Detroit, where it spent the night, only to be again misrouted to LasRead more...

Category: Marketing and Advertising


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