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2024-06-14 13:15:39| Engadget

Microsoft has belatedly cottoned on to the whole using AI to watch someones screen might be a bit creepy thing. It has announced it will limit the launch of Recall, which was due to arrive alongside the first batch of Windows 11 Copilot+ PCs on June 18. Instead, it will limit previews to just members of its Insider program to better focus on their feedback. We all know what that means, right? Its just going to fade into the ether until everyone forgets it ever happened. Daniel Cooper The biggest stories you might have missed Tesla shareholders have approved Elon Musks unfathomable pay package Overwatch 2 resurrects Pink Mercy cosmetic for a charity fundraiser WhatsApp rolls out enhanced video calling So long, Jabra earbuds, its not your fault How Messages via Satellite will work on iOS 18 and how much it will cost LinkedIns AI job coach can write your cover letters and edit your resumé Skate Story hands-on: Kick, push, shatter You can get these reports delivered daily direct to your inbox. Subscribe right here! Samsungs Galaxy Watch FE arrives on June 24 Its a $200 cut-down version of the flagship. Samsung Samsungs Galaxy FE lineup offers a lot of whats available in its flagship products with a much lower price. The latest to join the gang is the Galaxy Watch FE, which gets much of the same health tech as the Galaxy Watch in a more modest package. The tradeoffs are sensible enough to make the price of $200 pretty darn compelling for some people. Continue Reading. Segways robot mower spared me from my least favorite chore The Navimow i105 means my lawn has never looked better. Photo by Daniel Cooper / Engadget Robomowers are expensive, require a lot of effort to install and arent exactly the set-and-forget dream you expect. Or at least, they used to be: Now, Segways Navimow i105 uses GPS instead of a fiddly ground wire, removing a lot of the hassle of installation. Its not perfect by any means, but its an easy way to turn a patch of ground into a manicured lawn without much effort on your part. Continue Reading. This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/the-morning-after-microsoft-pauses-its-creepy-recall-ai-feature-111539438.html?src=rss

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2024-06-14 05:15:54| Engadget

Microsoft's Recall AI feature won't be launching with the first batch of Windows 11 Copilot+ PCs on June 18. In an update on the Windows Blog, the company said that Recall will shift from being a "preview experience broadly available for Copilot+ PCs" next week to a preview that's only available in the Windows Insider Program. It will only release the feature for all Copilot+ PCs after it receives feedback from its Insider Community of testers.  The company added that it's adjusting Recall's release to "ensure the experience meets [its] high standards for quality and security." Microsoft has faced a lot of criticism related to Recall ever since it announced the feature at an event in May. Recall gives users a way to find anything they've ever looked at on their computer web pages, images, documents, emails, presentations, chat threads, so on and so forth. It works by taking screenshots of a user's activity every few seconds and then storing them in the "Recall timeline."  Microsoft assured users when it launched that Recall processes data locally and will keep their information secure, but that wasn't enough to assuage critics' privacy concerns. The company announced more privacy and security changes to Recall earlier this month, including making it opt-in. When a user sets up a Copilot+ PC, its Windows OS will ask them whether they want to enable the feature. Users will also need to verify their identities through a Windows Hello authentication method, such as facial recognition or fingerprint scan, before they can access the encrypted Recall timeline. That's not a foolproof method, however, since anybody who knows their PIN will still be able to see their Recall snapshots.  Despite those changes, Microsoft has chosen to delay Recall's launch. Maybe the company realized that there's room for improvement and that it's better to be absolutely sure that the feature won't end up becoming a massive privacy and security nightmare. At the moment, it doesn't have an exact date for Recall's availability in the Windows Insider Program yet. It will be accessible to testers in the coming weeks, though, and the company will publish a new blog post on how to get its preview version when it comes out. Testers will need a Copilot+ PC to be able to access it, though, since the feature will only work with advanced CPUs that come with neural processing units (NPUs) for AI tasks. This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/microsoft-postpones-the-launch-of-its-controversial-recall-ai-feature-031554596.html?src=rss

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2024-06-14 01:04:01| Engadget

Tesla shareholders have again approved Elon Musks multi-billion dollar pay package several months after a Delaware court invalidated it. During the electric car makers annual shareholder meeting, the company's stockholders signed off on a proposal to reinstate Musks pay package, currently worth about $48 billion, according to Bloomberg. Judge Kathaleen McCormick of Delawares Chancery Court previously called the Tesla CEOs pay, worth $56 billion when it was first approved in 2018, an "unfathomable sum. Musk responded by threatening to move the companys state of incorporation to Texas. During Teslas meeting, shareholders officially signed off on the move. The approval of Musks compensation doesnt guarantee that his eye-popping pay will be reinstated. As Bloomberg points out, the vote doesn't invalidate the judge's initial ruling, but Tesla will almost certainly appeal and point to the latest shareholder vote as evidence that the companys stockholders have approved it. Unsurprisingly, Musk seemed pleased with the vote. I just want to start off by saying, hot damn. I love you guys, he said after taking the stage at the shareholder meeting. He later said that the reinstatement of his pay wouldnt affect his short-term commitment to Tesla. It is worth emphasizing that its Tesla stock that I have to own for five years. It's not actually cash, and I can't cut and run, nor would I want to.This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/tesla-shareholders-have-approved-elon-musks-unfathomable-pay-package-230401086.html?src=rss

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2024-06-14 00:50:22| Engadget

Finally, something the whole Overwatch community can get behind! For a limited time in 2018, Blizzard sold the Pink Mercy skin as a fundraiser in support of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. That was back in the day when Overwatch cosmetics only came in loot boxes, so the chance to directly purchase a skin while supporting a worthy cause was a big deal for the player base. Sales of the legendary look during that drive generated $12.7 million for the BCRF. And later this month, you can be pretty in pink once again. The original Pink Mercy skin will be available for $14.99 starting June 25. Blizzard is also boosting its charity game with a brand new Rose Gold Mercy bundle for $19.99. For both items, 100% of the purchase price (minus any platform fees and taxes) will go directly to the BCRF. Players can buy these items through the Overwatch 2 in-game shop, or from the digital storefront on their platform of choice, such as the Battle.net shop, Microsoft Store, or PlayStation Store. Activision Blizzard The preview Blizzard shared shows that the Rose Gold Mercy skin has a slightly different color scheme than the original, giving the support hero some rosy hair instead of her signature blonde. It also includes a heroic weapon skin, so that you can apply the pink look for her Caduceus Staff to any Mercy skin. The rest of the bundle includes three name cards, three sprays, and three player icons, all themed you guessed it! pink. The BCRF charity drive will run from June 25 through July 8. It's a good time to get back into the game, especially since Blizzard has unlocked all new heroes and has made changes to reduce mid-match quitting.This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/overwatch-2-resurrects-pink-mercy-cosmetic-for-a-charity-fundraiser-225022341.html?src=rss

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2024-06-13 23:45:39| Engadget

A class action lawsuit filed by two women against Apple seeks damages for 12,000 current and former female employees for allegedly underpaying them. The complaint says the tech giant systematically paid them a lower wage than their male employees over a four-year period. The lawsuit filed in a California state court in San Francisco County on Thursday claims Apples systematic behavior of sexual discrimination stems from a policy that set employees salaries based on their previous employment, according to the Wall Street Journal. Prior to fall of 2017, the complaint states that Apple used job applicants provided prior pay rates to set their starting salaries. The following year, Apple asked applicants for their pay expectations. The lawsuit alleges that both of these practices led to lower pay rates for women in the workplace. It also claims the latter policy of asking prospective employees for their pay expectations is highly correlated with prior pay; studies show that persons asked for pay expectations generally provide a number slightly higher than the pay at their current or last job. The pay policy for job applicants created a pattern of lower pay for female employees, the lawsuit alleges: Apples policy or practice of collecting information about pay expectations and using that information to set starting salary has had the effect of perpetuating past pay disparities and paying women less than men performing substantially similar work.  The lawsuit goes even further by suggesting that Apple regularly punishes female employees because of scored categories of job performances that drive pay bonuses and increases. Apples performance evaluation system is biased against women because for scored categories such as teamwork and leadership, men are rewarded and women are penalized for the same behaviors, the complaint reads. The class action lawsuit seeks payment for damages and declaratory relief as well as repayment of low earnings and benefits due to the alleged discrepancies by Apple. The plaintiffs are also asking the court to hold a jury trial to hear their complaint. In 2022, reporters for the Financial Times talked with several female Apple employees who alleged they were the victims of sexual abuse and bullying on the job. Then when they filed complaints with human resources, they alleged that their cases were either minimized or ignored, or they received retaliation for filing their complaints. One of the most jarring examples came from Apples former legal department director Jayne Whitt who says a colleague hacked into her devices and issued death threats. She filed a complaint with HR and was assured action would be taken. Whitt claims that Apples HR team not only failed to even reprimand the employee but they eventually fired her. She blew the whistle on Apple in an online essay describing the situation that prompted a wave of support and similar stories from other female Apple employees.This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/apple-hit-with-lawsuit-for-allegedly-underpaying-female-employees-214538519.html?src=rss

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