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2019-01-22 15:24:01| Coudal Partners Blended Feed

Ten days, 3000 miles. Photos From the 2019 Dakar Rally.

Category: Marketing and Advertising


2019-01-22 15:14:20| Coudal Partners Blended Feed

The Wave in Vejle, Denmark, by Henning Larsen.

Category: Marketing and Advertising


2019-01-21 18:18:07| Coudal Partners Blended Feed

Illustrator, artist and filmmaker Manshen Lo. Fab.

Category: Marketing and Advertising


2019-01-21 16:47:43| Coudal Partners Blended Feed

"On Jan. 7, the police cordoned off the streets. The auditorium's ventilation and elevators were turned off. Every light bulb in the concert hall was unscrewed to eliminate a faint buzzing sound. Upstairs in the museum, Mr. Cacciatori put on a pair of velvet gloves and took a 1615 Amati viola from its glass display case. He inspected it thoroughly, and then a security guard escorted him and the instrument down two flight of stairs to the auditorium. The curator handed the instrument to Wim Janssen, a Dutch viola player, who walked to the center of the stage."

Category: Marketing and Advertising


2019-01-21 16:17:52| Coudal Partners Blended Feed

InSight Lander Takes Selfie on Mars.

Category: Marketing and Advertising


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