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2019-12-06 23:16:14| Coudal Partners Blended Feed

Moon and Planets at Twilight.

Category: Marketing and Advertising


2019-12-06 19:03:48| Coudal Partners Blended Feed

Awesome resource of some of the best Record label logos over the years, collected by Reagan Ray.

Category: Marketing and Advertising


2019-12-05 16:35:32| Coudal Partners Blended Feed

Stormtroopers, and how they got that way.

Category: Marketing and Advertising


2019-12-02 21:20:13| Coudal Partners Blended Feed

"I am a sinister surprise masquerading as an average parking lot. Little do you know that each of my parking spots is precisely three inches longer and two inches narrower than the average parking spot. The designers say it is to save money and be economically friendly, but I know the truth: my only goal is to f*ck you up."

Category: Marketing and Advertising


2019-11-27 17:45:39| Coudal Partners Blended Feed

It's Thanksgiving! You can't hide from Frozen II, but you can make sure that your nieces and nephews never mention it around you again.

Category: Marketing and Advertising


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