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Small Business

2020-04-04 15:54:41| Small Business Brief

Data loss is common in both small and large businesses. The consequences are always devastating for both types of businesses. Its even worse for companies whose trade or service is anchored in clients data, like financial institutions or law firms. A survey in 2014 concluded that 20% of companies that had data loss lost between […]

Category: Small Business

2020-04-03 23:58:37| Small Business Brief

Communication makes the world go around. But even in the world of high-speed 5G video calling, the humble phone is still a valuable tool that is central to every business.  Your customers still want to speak with a real person. According to research carried out by Google, 57% of customers call businesses still because they […]
Tags top office small phone

Category: Small Business

2020-04-03 23:56:34| Small Business Brief

When you first became a dentist, you didn’t dream about spending the rest of your life working for someone else, did you? Of course not! You dreamed about opening up your very own dental business and running it your way. But now that you’re one of the more than 185,000 dentists with their own dental practice, you might […]
Tags business running challenges biggest

Category: Small Business

2020-04-03 23:54:32| Small Business Brief

Running a small business can be one of the most satisfying things you can do with your life. After all, small business owners consistently rank as some of the happiest people in the country. That doesn’t mean running a small business isn’t a lot of work. There are a lot of obstacles to overcome, including […]
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Category: Small Business

2020-04-03 22:23:37| Small Business Brief

Germs spread quicker than we can keep up with sometimes but keeping your home and office space clean will give you the best chance of staying healthy. There are lots of things you can do to ensure your space is germ-free. Take a look at some great tips for cleaning and sanitizing your home and […]
Tags home office germfree

Category: Small Business

2020-04-03 22:21:12| Small Business Brief

Did you know every seven seconds a worker gets injured in their workplace? While not all work injuries require hospitalization, others prove more severe. If you got injured at work and need a workers comp lawyer, you came to the right place.  Read on to find out five tips for finding a good workers comp […]
Tags good tips finding workers

Category: Small Business

2020-04-03 22:19:15| Small Business Brief

Your business has just entered a financial rut. You can barely afford to run the place let alone pay your employees. Things may seem hopeless right now but youll be able to get back on your feet as long as you keep your workers motivated. A business in shambles is enough to stress out any […]
Tags great times making tips

Category: Small Business

2020-04-02 23:43:39| Small Business Brief

You know how good your dental practice is. But unfortunately, that’s not enough. Other people need to know too so that you can grow your business and get more patients. Are you looking for the right dental marketing strategy for your business? If you’re struggling to create a sensible, considered dental marketing plan, you need […]
Tags marketing strategies patients proven

Category: Small Business

2020-04-02 22:23:47| Small Business Brief

Youre fresh out of barber school. The future looks bright and youre ready to open up your own shop. The only hang-up is that you dont know how to start a barber shop. Like opening up any business, theres a lot of work that goes into it. Youve got to come up with a business […]

Category: Small Business

2020-04-02 22:20:33| Small Business Brief

Are you looking for ways to build wealth? If so, you’re certainly not alone. Fortunately, there are now more opportunities for entrepreneurs than ever before. Owning commercial property remains one of the most reliable ways to generate substantial income. After all, every brick-and-mortar business requires a physical location, thus creating a lease for space to […]

Category: Small Business

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