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Small Business

2019-08-17 22:09:50| Small Business Brief

Around 80% of employees in today’s private industry workforce are receiving paid time off in addition to regularly scheduled days off. Although it’s not something that everybody offers, having a paid time off policy is crucial to employee performance and development. If paid time off feels like an unnecessary expense, you may want to reconsider that opinion. In […]
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2019-08-17 16:49:29| Small Business Brief

Every 24 seconds, a fire department somewhere in the United States responds to a fire. For business owners, a fire in their business office could have a devastating impact on their livelihood.  That’s why it’s so important to use fire prevention planning. By fireproofing your office, you’ll reduce the chance of ever being a victim of […]

Category: Small Business

2019-08-16 19:28:47| Small Business Brief

Should attorneys tweet?  The short answer: yes! The long answer: yes, if you’re doing it as a strategic component of your social media marketing.  You see, there are several benefits to social media marketing for law firms. Individual attorneys can even contribute in fun and important ways.  And hey, we get it. You’ve got a big […]

Category: Small Business

2019-08-14 19:51:26| Small Business Brief

Putting a loved one in a nursing home is one of the most difficult decisions you’ll make in your life. Chances are, if you’re considering a nursing home, your loved one is experiencing serious medical or cognitive issues that you are no longer equipped to handle.  So, when you choose a nursing home, you want […]
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Category: Small Business

2019-08-14 18:06:44| Small Business Brief

As a lawyer, you’re no stranger to acronyms.  You’re well-versed in each one in your industry, from ABA to XXN. Yet, here’s one you might not have heard: SEO. Standing for Search Engine Optimization, this is the process of strategizing your website to appear as high as possible on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). That’s […]

Category: Small Business

2019-08-13 21:46:35| Small Business Brief

Since 2018, the industry of promotional products increased by 3.5%. Investing in shirts with logos for business will make your customers swoon beyond your wildest dreams. Promotional products help your brand become part of consumers’ lives. Around 47% of people who receive a promotional product keep that gift for at least 12 months. Get your logo […]
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Category: Small Business

2019-08-12 22:39:50| Small Business Brief

The average corporate job attracts 250 resumes and of those, about 2 percent get contacted for an interview. If you’re one of those 250 applicants, your resume needs to grab the company’s attention or you don’t stand a chance. Let’s look at how to make your resume stand out. How to Make Your Resume Stand […]
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Category: Small Business

2019-08-12 14:07:21| Small Business Brief

Wouldn’t it be nice if all you had to do was get your revenue started with investors for your business? Unfortunately, 90% of total startups fail. One of the vital parts of keeping a new business afloat is to watch what you spend. Startups should have a budget. A budget is also known as a […]
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Category: Small Business

2019-08-12 01:12:09| Small Business Brief

Do you own one of the 30.2 million small businesses in the United States? Then you are probably already well aware that there are many laws you need to follow.  But are you familiar with the laws that relate to hiring employees? You need to make sure you follow employment law when hiring, paying, and […]
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Category: Small Business

2019-08-11 18:29:56| Small Business Brief

As an attorney, you know firsthand just how much time those mundane  but important  office tasks can take up.  You never want to compromise the quality of your work, but you also wish there was a more efficient way to manage your time. Read on to learn three of the most important law office management […]
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Category: Small Business

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