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Small Business

2018-04-23 19:23:06| Small Business Brief

5 Simple Things You Can Do To Help Your Business When running your own business there is a lot of things you need to do but knowing these five things that will help your small business prosper! Across the country, there are more than 28 million small businesses. Combined, they account for 99.7 percent of […]
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2018-04-23 18:52:13| Small Business Brief

DIY Tips for Creating a Luxury Closet You don’t have to be rich and famous to have the luxury closet you’ve always been dreaming of. These quick and easy DIY tips will help you get started. Studies show the average woman’s closet is valued at $2,500 for every item stored inside. Clothes, shoes, and jewelry […]
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Category: Small Business

2018-04-20 21:52:03| Small Business Brief

Do you want to start bringing in more customers to your dental office? Here are some dental marketing techniques you need to try to get better conversions. Patients and pearly whites are your passion. Unfortunately, nine times out of 10, they won’t waltz into your dental practice on their own. You need to master dental […]
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Category: Small Business

2018-04-20 20:04:39| Small Business Brief

If you’re doing yard cleaning, you’re probably unsure of what should stay and what should go. Here are 8 things your yard definitely doesn’t need. For some, yard care is a year-round endeavor. Those who are in colder climates have to wait for the snow to melt before they can reclaim their lawn. The latter […]
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Category: Small Business

2018-04-20 17:02:16| Small Business Brief

If you want your small business to succeed, you need a business lawyer to ensure that your protocols aren’t at risk of falling outside the lines of the law. Chances are, you’re going to get sued. And if you’re not sued, you will deal with legal issues. In fact, 90% of all businesses are engaged […]
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Category: Small Business

2018-04-20 16:55:31| Small Business Brief

Why Companies Should Provide Group Insurance Benefits Besides showing that you care, providing health care to employees has other perks too. Learn why your small business should provide group insurance benefits. Offering health insurance for your employees may soon not be a requirement, due to changes to the Affordable Care Act. In fact, if you’re […]
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Category: Small Business

2018-04-20 16:52:15| Small Business Brief

Suspect that drug use is minimizing your employees productivity? Workplace drug testing might be the answer. Read on for an employer’s guide to doing correctly. Whether your small business already has workplace drug testing in place, or you are currently working on refreshing your drug-free workplace policy, you should consider your choices carefully. There are […]
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Category: Small Business

2018-04-19 21:48:48| Small Business Brief

Does your plumbing business need help reaching out to potential clients? Take a look at these plumber marketing strategies for inspiration. Regardless of the industry, you’re in, digital marketing is essential. Digital marketing helps bring in customers and increases brand awareness. When more customers use your services, the more money you make. This is important […]
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Category: Small Business

2018-04-18 01:08:36| Small Business Brief

Top 7 Most Popular Types of Home Loans From bridging loans to mortgage loans, there are various options available to home buyers. To choose one, compare the most popular types of home loans. You’ve been dreaming of owning your own home for years. You’ve worked hard and saved up your down payment and are ready […]
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Category: Small Business

2018-04-10 18:22:52| Small Business Brief

What to Know Before Starting a Commercial Renovation Are you thinking about starting a commercial renovation project? Make sure things go smoothly by thinking about these 5 important things before you start. Are you starting a large commercial renovation project? Renovating your office can be exciting, but it can also be really difficult. Renovation interferes […]
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Category: Small Business

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