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Small Business

2019-06-20 18:53:38| Small Business Brief

Where else can you pair a ripped thrift store cowboy hat with a $500 Chanel mini-dress? A music festival, of course! Summer means it’s music festival time. And if you’re really into music (like we are), you’ll plan your vacay around the best ones.  In this article, we’ve put together a mix of rap, rock, […]

Category: Small Business

2019-06-20 18:46:37| Small Business Brief

Contrary to belief, all marketing is not the same. You have to make people care about what you do. But in order for you to do that, you have to know who your audience is.  Now you might be wondering how to find your niche market. Well, it’s actually a lot easier than you might […]

Category: Small Business

2019-06-20 02:58:24| Small Business Brief

Telling the world about your dental service needs you to use the best dental marketing tips. To beat the competition, you should not only know what to do but also how to do it. To become a pro in dental marketing, here are some tips you can implement in 2019 and beyond. 1. Research the […]

Category: Small Business

2019-06-19 16:55:24| Small Business Brief

Creating employee ID cards essentially creates safety in the workplace, but safety isn’t the only thing that employee ID cards have to offer you. From safety to professionalism, there are 5 key reasons why your company needs employee ID cards. For more information on employee ID cards and how they can benefit you, continue reading […]
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Category: Small Business

2019-06-19 05:11:04| Small Business Brief

You’re already on Facebook anyway. Why not make money from it? Especially if you’re a small business owner, your social media presence can make all the difference in your bottom line. It’s one of your most powerful marketing tools and the best part? Any costs associated with advertising on these platforms are minimal but pack […]
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Category: Small Business

2019-06-19 05:09:15| Small Business Brief

By 2020, companies in the U.S. will spend approximately $18 billion on search engine optimization (SEO). This marketing strategy can help put your blog posts on the map. That way, customers can find your content and your business.  Without SEO, however, competitors are reaching your customers first!  Here are seven ways you can optimize your SEO blog. […]
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Category: Small Business

2019-06-17 19:35:10| Small Business Brief

Need to spice up your advertising? Try leaflets! Although we live in an increasingly digital world, sometimes it’s best to use tried and true marketing techniques. With fewer companies opting for physical advertising pieces, you’ll find more room to get directly to your customers.  Leaflets are a great option to do this. You can get […]
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Category: Small Business

2019-06-10 12:17:43| Small Business Brief

Are you spending too much of your time making sure the technology you use everyday works? You aren’t alone. Business owners everywhere are finding it hard to keep up with change. Managed IT services has become the answer to that problem. The managed services market is expected to grow to a value of $282 billion […]
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Category: Small Business

2019-06-10 12:15:39| Small Business Brief

There are now over 1.65 million businesses in the United States that have celebrated a twenty-fifth birthday. That doesn’t even include the millions that have been around for less time. But these businesses didn’t sprout unexpectedly from the ground. They were built ground up by dedicated entrepreneurs working tirelessly to turn an idea into a […]
Tags for business guide turn

Category: Small Business

2019-06-07 14:03:53| Small Business Brief

Theres never been a buzzier time for new start-up companies around the country. Rapid growth in technology has fostered an environment where new and exciting ideas can easily become reality. Maybe you yourself believe you have the next great idea. Youll have to face certain challenges in bringing it to the world, but prime among […]
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Category: Small Business

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